Top Best Ways to Avoid Procrastination

All students’ existence is haunted by procrastination. But fortunately, enough, there are plenty of strategies to avoid it and get into more productive habits. While it’s easy to put off different projects and assignment until the last moment, it’s important to find those strategies that seem to work best in instances like these. Instead of […]

Getting Back in Shape after Having a Baby

Pregnancy makes a lot of changes to your body, especially from a hormonal perspective. The emotions go crazy and you don’t recognize yourself at times, but the most obvious change is the shape of the body. During pregnancy you gain some weight (specialists say that you should put at least an extra 25-35 pounds), but […]

Honeymoon ideas on a budget

You are the happily “just married” couple after all the stress that you have been through while trying to plan the best wedding ever.  However, you know now that weddings are not so cheap and you inevitably have to pay more money than you were planning to for unexpected things that you discovered in the […]

What did women wear in the 1930s?

Fashion goes through dramatic changes from one year to another. There is no wonder why the trends were completely different 90 years ago. The fashion in the thirties is under hot debate at the moment, as some of the pieces that were popular back then make a rapid comeback. In the past, fashion was not […]

Sport and exercise for fighting mental illness

Experts have studied the connection between physical activity and mental illness for a long period of time. It is believed that exercise can help people fight with their mental disorders and substance addictions. The fact is that even nowadays when people have great access to information, they still put stigma on the persons who are […]

How to organise an unforgettable conference

Conferences are events that allow people to grow intellectually and to meet more people. Networking is paramount, especially when you work in a field where connections are everything. Organising a conference from scratch can be very difficult for a first-timer. Time is a very sensitive matter in a conference because everything has to be thoroughly […]

Property management: mistakes all inexperienced landlords make

Charming property inspectors, dealing with tenants and irascible neighbors, collecting rent and staying away from legal hassles represent the main tasks associated with the status of a landlord. However, managing a rental property comes with many other responsibilities and basic obligations like ensuring property maintenance, establishing the best security deposit practices and providing optimal conditions […]