Which are the cultural sights of Split?

  You’ve never been like other people. Instead of enjoying spending time on the computer, you always preferred to read books and, in general, expand your knowledge. Good things for you that there is such a thing as cultural travel. Cultural travel offers you the opportunity to experience what a foreign country has to offer in terms of history and civilization. If you want a truly grand experience, you should go on a guided tour in Split. If there is a city that can offer you a rewarding experience, that city is Split. In this article, we’re going to discuss the main cultural sights of Split. Make sure you include them on your checklist.  

The palace of Diocletian

Those who have gone to visit the Palace of Diocletian have had an unforgettable experience. Guided tours in Split focus on this sight and for good reason too. This palace dates back from the Roman Empire. To be more precise, the building was constructed during the years 295 and 305. At present, the palace is largely regarded as one of the most grandiose ruins. As the name clearly suggests, the building was home to the emperor Diocletian, who is known throughout history as the one who persecuted the Christians. The palace isn’t a palace per se, but rather a small city. There are homes everywhere, not to mention that the citadel is protected by high standing walls.  

Ethnographic museum         

If you’re passionate about peoples and cultures, then you’ll definitely want to see the Ethnographic Museum of Split. This place was founded in the 1900s and features vast collections of jewellery, costumes, and even musical instruments. When you enter the doors of the museum, you’ll feel as if you were in another century. The one thing you’ll be happy to see is Diocletian’s apartment. Why visit his castle without visiting his room too?  If you do resort to Gecko Guided Tours Croatia and find yourself on the coast of Dalmatia, it would be a shame not to visit the Ethnographic museum. 

St Domnius Cathedral         

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius was actually named after the patron of split. This huge church is entirely roman architecture. Taking into consideration how old the cathedral is, hundreds of years old, it’s in a pretty good condition. Despite the fact that the church was built to serve as a mausoleum, now it is used by Christians, namely those who Diocletian maltreated. You can say that what goes around comes around. Anyway, St Domnius Cathedral was built in an octagonal shape, being surrounded by 24 circles. The construction was built somewhere in the 300s, but the tower bell wasn’t erected until the year 1100. Yu will be impressed with the tower bell, that is for sure.   There are many more sights to see in Split. Why not take a trip and discover them for yourself? After all, you can afford it. Cultural travel is not that expensive, especially if you’re going to Croatia. The last thing you should do is be an outside visitor.