What is a SIM only rolling contract?

Do you find it quite hard to understand how SIM only contracts work and what are they all about? Then you are in the right place to find out. SIM only plans are usually a lot more inexpensive than a subscription. Being happy with your current phone and simply wanting to text SIM only without needing to change your device means there is no need to opt out for anything else. SIM only plans help you save money because of their flexibility. Shorter contract length means an easier method for you to manage your plans. Paying less for basically the same services you’d get otherwise seems ideal. Here’s what benefits you’ll have:

Contract, month to month and prepaid

A contract usually lasts 12 months and the payment is made after the service is used. Every extra charge is paid on top of the ones included in the initial price. Post-paid and contract SIM are usually recommended for people who know they possess financial stability. An automatic payment will be made, meaning that the budget for a contract should be established from before. Yet, be careful when choosing such contract because you won’t be able to end it until the chosen time period is consumed. Month to month services are more malleable than contracts due to the fact that they allow you to change your plan from month to month if something new draws your attention. Of course, costs will change depending on what you’ll be choosing but at least you won’t be limited by one single plan for a long period of time. Prepaid services are very similar to month and month. These two variants are recommended for people who are not financially stable and who prefer saving money. You can’t be extra charged because prepaid services will immediately stop after the consumption of it.

Important details

Before choosing whatever option might be suitable for you, make sure you understand what demands you have to cover. Knowing your monthly usage will help you in selecting a plan. If you are more of a phone talking fan go for national and international minutes and SMS. If you love spending time on the Internet and you’d rather chat online than speak, try looking for mobile data plans. Your range of options is plenty with SIM only contracts and that’s why you need to start searching for them. SIM only plans are quite complicated and the main difference between them and other services is the amount of money you will be saving. The SIM only plans offer the best deals when it comes to your mobile phone and it started to become more and more popular among users. It is much more convenient to go for a SIM only contract if you already own a phone.

SIM size

With SIM only you don’t need to worry about finding the right size for your phone. Here are their dimensions:
  • Standard SIM – 25mm x 15mm x 0.76 mm
  • Nano SIM – 15mm x 12mm x 0.76mm
  • Micro SIM – 12.30mm x 8.80mm x 0.67mm