What document translations do you need for family immigration?

  You don’t need to look up immigration statistics to know that more and more families are coming to the UK. People are attracted by the idea of living a better life and, consequently, they move abroad. Britain’s migrants include people from Spain, Portugal, China, Germany, just to name a few. What about you? Are you thinking about moving your family abroad? If yes, then you’ll be needing a residence permit. When applying for family immigration, it’s necessary to submit some paperwork. All the documents that you submit must contain a complete translation into English. This is the complete list of document translations that you’ll need for the immigration case.

The kinds of document translations required for family immigration

To get your residency or citizenship, you will have to translate certain forms of written communication that are relevant to the case. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that you must show the paperwork in its original form as well. The list of documents includes:

Identity documents

  • Passport (plus a copy of all the used pages) – a translation of this personal legal document involves the biographic information page, picture page, and the Visa page.
  • Birth certificate – the certified translation must include the name, signature, domicile, and date of certification. The best translation companies know that.
  • Family register/Family book

Documentation on the relationship

  • Marriage certificate – the marriage certificate was issued in another country, meaning that it needs a translation. If the wedding was held abroad but the document is not in the language of the receiving country, the same rule applies.
  • Certificates and passports of children.

Academic testimonies

  • Letter from the business confirming the employment – the confirmation must specify the duration of the employment and its scope.
  • Tax returns – offer evidence that you have met your tax obligations for at least 1 year.
  • Academic records – Bachelor’s degree or equivalent paperwork.
In some cases, you may be required to provide accommodation and travel arrangements so as to support the Visa application.

Who will translate the documents for you?

Well, this one should be obvious. Certified translation services are the only ones that you can count on with your immigration case. The point is that if you’re submitting an application with UK Visas and Immigration, you should better hire a professional translation company, the biggest mistake that you can make is attempting to do the translations yourself. Besides the fact that they will be rejected, you’ll most likely get into trouble. not exactly trouble, but the immigration process will be seriously delayed. When preparing your family immigration case, get in touch with the pros. Their translation is complete and accurate and the best thing is that the paperwork is handled in a moment. It’s important for the translation company to make it clear when the translation was made and to provide complete contact information. The great thing about using translation services is convenience. To be more precise, nowadays it isn’t mandatory anymore to send the documents in person. All relevant paperwork can be sent via email.