Weighted Vest for Dogs Have Results or Not?

You’ve probably heard about weighted vests and the main advantages of wearing them while you’re working out or you just perform your daily activities. But did you know that there are also vests that are specially made for dogs? These vests can really offer your beloved pet many benefits, even though some people are rather skeptical about this. Therefore, the question whether such vests have results or not is definitely worth considering if you don’t know too much about this aspect. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Yes, the weighted vest for dogs shows results, but there are cases when it’s not recommended to use them. Here below we’ll tell you when it’s recommended to use them to obtain results and when it’s better to avoid them.

The weighted vests have results when:

  • Your Dog Has to Lose Weight: Just like man, when a dog wears a weighted vest it will be able to lose more weight. So, if your dog is overweighed and you want to help them lose weight in a fast and natural way, opt for a special vest made for dogs. Wearing it, your dog will start burning calories much faster and soon enough they will reach the ideal weight without too much effort.
  • Your Dog Needs to Gain Muscles: These vests also have results when your dog needs to build extra muscles. This usually is recommended when the dog is lighter and they have to increase their body resistance. The added weight of the vest will help it become much stronger. At the same time, they will get to increase their endurance, becoming more powerful. So, put the vest on them whenever you go walking and the results won’t be late to appear.
  • Your Dog Is Overactive or Aggressive: In case you notice that your dog has too much energy or is rather aggressive, one of the best ways to help them calm down is to buy them a weight vest. Behavioral issues like fighting, or chasing around when it’s not necessarily can be a sign that your dog needs to focus on something else. Specialists say that extra weight on a dog will be felt like a comforting pressure that will help them relax and calm their senses. This will lead to less aggression and greater emotional stability, being concentrated on the extra weight they carry.
  • Your Dog Trains for Competitions: Training with a weight vest is one of the most efficient ways to enhance the appearance of your dog if they participate in a dog beauty contest. Considering the fact that they will be judged according to their appearance, it’s only natural that you focus on this aspect. Therefore, building muscles and changing the appearance in a good way, will definitely help them gain more points.

The weighted vests should be avoided when:

  • Your Dog Is Too Young or Too Old: A puppy is still developing their muscles when it’s young, so it’s not recommended that you make them wear a vest with extra weight. By not doing so, you may put your pet in danger, so it’s better to wait until it’s fully developed. At the same time, if the dog is too old, they may not be able to handle the added weight, so you may end doing more harm than good.
  • Your Dog Has Certain Health Issues: In case your dog has health issues like arthritis, it’s best to avoid weighted vests because they put too much pressure on the joints. For this reason, it’s best to first visit a vet and see what health issues your dog has before taking a final decision.


All in all, the weighted vests for dogs are very beneficial for them, helping them lose weight, gain muscle mass, and even control their aggressive reactions. According to many of those who have dogs and use vests that are specially designed for them, the results are quite visible, their dogs being much calmer and happier. However, you have to make sure that you buy your dog a vest that fits them properly, keeping in mind that for the beginning, the vest must weight approximately 5% of the dog’s total weight. Then, little by little, you can start adding more weight.