Top 5 reasons to eat more Asian food  

The immense benefits of Asian food are well documented. Among all cultures, it is arguably the best. You might be able to make an argument that the rice-heavy Asian diets could lead straight to obesity, but when properly made, it becomes the exact opposite; the Asian way leads to a long healthy life. Actual untainted Asian meals will not make you fat. In fact, the observed rising occurrences of obesity and heart disease in the Far East are caused by sugary, over-processed appropriated Western food. Asian stores like the Thai supermarket London will cause you no such risk. In case you’re still not convinced, here are five pretty essential reasons you should start tilting towards Asian cuisines. It’s the model for clean eating The major part of Asian feeding culture is simple, clean and pure. Good old rice, flash-fried vegetables, noodle soups, seaweed, et cetera. The endless possibilities all make for health delights, so long as you avoid the much less popular deep-fried dishes. You will not need to fret over your waistline with all the seafood either. Healthy carbohydrates Asian food contains lots of prebiotic and complex carbohydrates. These provide the body with rapid energy for use. The noodle and rice based diet helping you stay energized without having to take in too many calories. Processed and sweetened food on the flip side contains lots of empty calories that are not of much use to the body. Asian foods are chock full of dietary fiber. Fibers are healthy carbohydrates that fight against obesity. Vegetables also contain potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Point to note though, when you head to a Thai Supermarket in London, choose brown rice over processed white rice because brown rice contains less refined carbs. Or you can always purchase online at Asian Foodie Supermarket. Overeating Ubiquitous Asian magic drinks like tea, consumed during, before and after meals is an important way of stopping themselves from overeating. Hence, fewer fears of weight gain. Tea oozes benefits possessing lots of anti-aging elements too. Tea also has metabolism increasing capabilities; you can lose up to an extra 70 calories in a day. Better portion control. In Asia, food is served in smaller containers. They also choose to serve smaller amounts of food and vegetables in different smaller bowls as opposed to stuffing everything into one wide plate. The result of this? A smaller portion size with a little bit more variety in your diet. Chopsticks are also pretty tricky to use, as such, there’s only so much food you will be able to fit into your mouth. This means slower eating so that your stomach has more time to message your brain to let it know when you’re full. Good for weight loss and maintenance Lots of Asian foods are vegetable based. Vegetables have low calorific value, and as such won’t cause problems for your waistline. Of course, you still need proteins and fats, but those are used sparingly in Asian dieting. Hence, less risk of cholesterol overload.