Top 3 Talent Management Software Solutions

For many companies, talent management is just a part of the HR department, or perhaps a fancier term for the human resources. However, this concept is a lot more than just that. Basically, the purpose of TM is to anticipate the necessary human capital for a company, and to plan to meet those needs. Unlike HR which just focuses on current needs, TM focuses on future needs, but also on enhancing the potential of current employees. As more people discover the importance of this type of management, the market gets filled with software solutions meant to satisfy the growing demands of talent management. We have analyzed all the current solutions, and we have narrowed down the choices to the top 3 best software tools.

Enterprise coaching manager

This is a cloud based Executive Coaching Software solution designed for talent management leaders. It allows them to centralize, measure and improve their coaching efforts. It is an easy way to match coaches and clients, to share content and to centralize and manipulate data to optimize coaching programs. It is an an user friendly tool, that can be used for individual coaching programs, but also for enterprise level programs. The Executive Coaching Software integrates data analysis, which focuses on coaching KPIs, return on investment and much more.


If you are looking for a good hiring platform, Recruitee is your best bet. It was named the best ATS of 2015 and it continues to be one of the most useful tools in HR. With the aid of this platform, all team members can work together towards growing their company, by posting jobs, by creating career pages, sourcing candidates and much more. With such a powerful recruiting tool, hiring ceases to be a hassle.  Be eliminating most of the organizational challenges, talent leaders and HR managers can focus on what is truly important, finding the right people for the company’s success.

Blue 360 

This  feedback review software is designed to automate countless tasks by integrating numerous essential IT assets such as enterprise resource planning tools,  human resources information systems, customer relationship management systems and much more. Moreover, it can also be used to handle evaluation use cases, and to provide complex reports, to help you manage your competency development programs at all the levels in your company. This tool is essential for the effective measurement of all talent management and learning programs. It can be used on any device, and it is intuitive and easy to use.