Tomb Raider

If you are a parent and you want your kids to get excited about playing a new computer game that can keep them glued to their chairs in front of their computer, then you should definitely suggest them to play Tomb Raider. If you are looking for fun games to play when bored, then we have something special to recommend, a game which has become legend. Moreover, if you have a little girl around you, she will surely want to help the beautiful protagonist of this game defeat monsters and threatening creatures in her attempt to collect artifacts. I guess that we all have admired the beautiful female protagonist of the two Tomb Raider movies released until now and we all can agree to the fact that Angelina Jolie is a real model of beauty, femininity and sensuality. So, who knows maybe you will also like to join your little ones in playing one of the best-selling video games ever. The first thing you should know about Tomb Raider is that it represents a video game franchise that comes with several mobile and TV adaptations and versions which are built around the same captivating adventures of the English archaeologist, Lara Croft. Another thing you need to know is that, due to the rapid success the original game gained, there have been produced additional games that come with even more attractive features than the first released game. If you want to find out more about what these games are about, stick close and read on. Generally, all the games have as protagonist the beautiful Lara Croft who needs to raid tombs, in order to discover clues to puzzles and collect various objects which refer to powerful artifacts which are very valuable, due to the fact that they can be of alien or supernatural origins. Lara is given various weapons and tools that help her, when killing monsters, threatening creatures and even evil humans. The protagonist usually has to fight with monsters, evil spirits and humans on mysterious islands, inside tombs and even in jungle. However, you should know that every new version of the original game comes with new weapons and moves that Lara can perform, in order to defeat those trying to stop her from solving the puzzles and gain the prizes. Your kids will surely be captivated all throughout the journey that Lara has to take in her mission to kill evil creatures and collect valuable objects. Many have said that the story inside this game is quite predictable, yet Tomb Raider makes a very enjoyable and rewarding game to play. So, you should definitely give your kids the chance to meet this beautiful heroine in one of the best-selling video games of all times. Thus, the next time you want some fun games to play when bored, just try Tomb Raider or similar games, because they make for thrilling and exciting adventures that you’ll keep coming back to. Tomb Raider is a relatively easy to play game which is suitable for people of all ages. It features a story line filled with adventure and mystery. If you are interesting in discovering other cool games or entertaining gagdets we invite you to visit http://www.sifrutech.com. This website has a lot of useful information about PC upgrades, entertaining gadgets and useful apps. On this website you might even find some mouse devices that are specifically designed for gamers in order to improve the overall gaming experience.