Tips for finding student accommodation

These days, university offers a singular combination of academic and personal experience. You have recently been offered the opportunity to study in Newcastle for a whole year. This is undoubtedly the most beneficial experiences for a college student like yourself. You experience a new culture, make new friends, become independent, and get prepared for the international workplace. You have your place at university secured. All you have to do is find student accommodation in Newcastle. As an international student, you will struggle with finding lodging. Despite the fact that Newcastle has a lot to offer in terms of accommodation, you will struggle to find a place to stay. Fortunately for you, we will tell you how to find a place to sleep for the following academic year.  

What are your options

  • Get in touch with university – You have brushed up about your knowledge on British football, but have you taken the time to call the university you are going to study at. If not, it is time you did. Call the accommodation office and ask if there are any rooms available.
Universities have their own rooms, but they also have partnerships with private hall providers. Sure, the thought of sharing a room with another person is a little bit frightening, but you may not have any choice. Plus, spending a year like a real student will not kill you. If the accommodation offices response is a negative one, you will have to keep on looking.
  • Consider off-campus accommodation – The places available on university campus are limited, so chances are that you will not get a spot in the halls. This is not a reason to be sad, though. You can rent private accommodation. More and more students choose to rent privately. The reason for this is that they want to have a place that they can call theirs.
Who can blame students for their choice? Their rooms are spacious and are equipped with everything they need. If you need peace and quiet or if you just want to become part of the local community, private rented housing is for you. Tip: consider FindSpace student accommodation.  

Think about your living preferences

You have seen what options are available. Before making the final choice, you have to take into account your living preferences. If you are more of an outgoing person, you will fit in just nicely in university halls. On the other hand, if you are not happy sharing space, it is a good idea to rent privately. When making your choice, you have to consider things like sleep time, study habits and organizational behaviour.

Budget for student accommodation

You cannot rely on the help of your parents anymore. Even if they offer to take care of the down payment, you should politely refuse. You are a student, so you do not have a job yet. While your studies do not allow you to hold a job, there are things you can do to make money. If you do not like babysitting, you can tutor. Sharing your knowledge with others is rewarding and it pays good too.