Things to inspect before buying a new house

Have you searched the market and you fell in love with a house? Is it placed in an idyllic neighbourhood? Does it have spacious bedrooms? Is there enough room for your family to grow? Well it seems that you have found the perfect home. But have you checked the plumbing and heating systems? This is one of the aspects the majority of buyers do not verify. In case the plumbing system does not work properly, then it may cost you a fortune to fix it, and buying a house is not a bargain. If you are lucky to repair the issue before the swage explodes then you may not pay a lot of money, but if you are taken by surprise, well, then you may end up paying a small fortune to fix it.

Tricks and tips to follow when inspecting a house

  1. Ask the actual owner of the house to help you inspect the plumbing system. If you work with a real estate agent, then they may be willing to help you verify the state of the plumbing system, and other aspects of the house you may want to check. In case the seller refuses to offer you access to the plumbing system, then you should take it as a warning sign, because they may know that they are dealing with a serious issue and they may want to hide it from you.
  2. If you want to inspect the plumbing system by your own, then you should make sure that you wear clothes you will not mind if they get dirty, and you bring a pair of gloves. You should be prepared, because checking the pipes may prove to be a messy job.
  3. When you start the inspection you should point out to the plumbing & heating engineers Bishop’s Stortford where the house’s water meter is, because they will check the state of the shut off valve to see if it needs to be replaced. In the majority of cases it is placed under the kitchen sink, but if you cannot find it there you should ask the homeowner if they have placed it elsewhere.      
  4. It is necessary to inspect the pipes, because if they have signs of damage or corrosion you will have to change them, and you should ask the Five Oax Plumbing & Heating specialists how much this job will cost you. Also, it is important to see what materials the pipes are made of, because this influences their age.
  5. Do not forget to check the water heater, because you have to make sure that it has the capacity to meet your family’s needs. Inspect its condition, age, capacity and location. In case you notice that the connectors are corroded, or if it experiences other issues, you should ask the seller to repair or replace it, before you purchase the house.
Make sure you identify and address all the plumbing and heating problems before you buy the house, because it will help you save a lot of money.