The ins and outs of rhinoplasty

  Rhinoplasty might seem like a scary procedure at first, but after you learn more about the topic, you will conclude that it may not be as complicated as it sounds. Dealing with an aesthetic inconvenience that concerns the shape, size or position of your nose can have a negative effect on your self esteem, so looking for a cosmetic solution is normal. Nowadays, plastic surgeries have become much more accessible, but before actually opting to undergo such a procedure, becoming more informed on the topic is recommended. Here are the most relevant details you should know about rhinoplasty.

Improved appearance

The first and probably strongest reason why this type of intervention is highly popular is due to the amazingly aesthetic results it provides. Whether you have never been pleased with the appearance of your nose, or you have had an accident that has altered its shape, one single procedure can help you solve this issue. A person’s nose can influence their overall facial features significantly, which means a corrective surgery can do wonders in terms of aesthetic appearance. Patients who have opted for this type of surgery have claimed to notice major improvements in terms of self confidence, so if you have been having problems in this department, perhaps a change is welcomed. Improved appearance will automatically lead to a confidence boost, and this aspect can positively influence several other aspects of your life. An experienced and reliable surgeon, such as Dr Scott Turner, can help you reshape your nose in a way that will look harmonious with the rest of your facial features.

Improved breathing

Most often, having a structural problem of the nose will affect not only the aesthetics of a person’s face but their breathing as well. Besides the cosmetic results of this surgical intervention, you can also benefit in terms of health. If the issue you have been having with your nose has been causing you breathing difficulties, especially during your sleep, then a rhinoplasty becomes more than just an aesthetic caprice, but a necessity. If you discuss with a specialist, you will learn that a surgical intervention might be what you needed to improve your breathing. Although for breathing problems, a septoplasty might be sufficient, you can combine a cosmetic fixture with corrective surgery, and thus solve two problems at once.

Pain is not an issue

Many people avoid opting for rhinoplasty from fear of dealing with pain. Although you might experience a slight discomfort quickly after the surgery, once you discuss with an experienced surgeon, you will learn that pain is not an issue, at least not one that should influence your decision in any way. You will be provided with medication for your recovery process, and in most situations little or even no pain is reported.  

Make sure to have realistic expectations

It is important for you to know what you should expect from this surgery, in terms of results. While improving the appearance of your nose significantly is a guarantee, you should still have realistic expectations. Because a perfect nose does not exist, obtaining that perfect Hollywood nose appearance will not be the case, so being realistic will prevent you from ending up disappointed. Check a few before and after photographs of patients with a similar problem, and you can picture your results based on theirs.

Research recovery implications

Before finding yourself a plastic surgeon and actually booking a consolation, you should research what the post operatory period implies, in order to be prepared right from the start. Not being able to wear glasses one or two months after the surgery, avoiding to exercise for at least 3 or 4 weeks, expecting some swelling and bruising, dealing with bleeding nostrils for a couple of days are all post operatory implications you should be aware of. Also, you will need to discuss with your surgeon and set a few post-op visits, just to make sure things have went the way they should and no complications can longer occur. If you have been contemplating on whether or not to undergo rhinoplasty, now that you know more information on the topic, you will manage to make a decision. What you should do next is find yourself a surgeon with experience and book an initial consultation.