The Importance of Recyclable Ribbons and Textiles

Considering the growing interest in environmentalism, the presence of organic and recyclable materials in textiles has become a huge concern, not only among buyers, but also among manufacturers. On the one hand, by focusing on healthy materials, the industry helps customers, who will no longer exposed to potentially toxic materials. For instance, children who play with toys containing harmful chemicals could, in time, suffer skin or breathing conditions as a result to prolonged exposure. On the other hand, the transition towards Eco-friendly textiles helps the environment because these materials take less to biodegrade and cause no pollution. Companies in all industries are now encouraged to reconsider their product policies and do more research to find suppliers who offer green products. For example, if you use to buy ribbons online for DIY projects, clothing or wholesale projects, you should find out what materials those ribbons are made of and if they could hurt the environment or the person who comes in contact with them in any way. It’s hard to image that something as delicate and beautiful as ribbons could be harmful, but, if the manufacturer uses certain chemicals, this could be possible. For example, every wholesale ribbon buyer knows that these items can come in a huge variety of colors and patterns, but that could come at a cost. In order to achieve all those colors and designs, manufacturers have to use several dyes and preservatives and these aren’t always healthy for the buyer or the environment. If a mother buys a little hat with ribbon accents for her little baby and those ribbons contain harmful dyes, continuous exposure could link to potentially harmful effects. One of the reasons why people neglect this aspect is that they do not see the effect that such substances could have in the long run and only focus on the immediate result. Just how eating fast food every day can hurt your body, so does wearing a pair of jeans dyed with toxic substances. Even the world’s largest fashion retailers have had to face consequences because of the textile choices they made. More than once, audits revealed that the dyes used for clothes were toxic and buyers could be affected by them even if they washed the item repeatedly. Whether those retailers used low quality dyes on purpose, to save money, or they did so unknowingly, we do not know yet. However, the reality remains that companies everywhere are now subject to more inspections and penalties, so taking the time to research textile quality is really worth it. Of course, sourcing 100% organic products is not always very practical and it would mean raising costs, but getting rid of harmful items is not. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers who are proud to provide quality textiles such as ribbon, without asking for huge prices. You can usually find them online, where there are higher chances of coming across affordable, long term solutions.