The importance of bringing nature in your home

  People already know that bringing plants around the house is a healthy habit. Plants produce oxygen during the day, consuming carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. This process takes place in the presence of light. A plant is essential for refreshing the air in a room. Plus, the visual impact they have is tremendous. Green is the color of relaxation, it can transmit a good mood and calm your eyes. Plants have numerous benefits so including them in your house ambiance and décor is nothing but a great decision. Here are some examples of plants that you might want to keep in your home:

Bedroom flora

There are many types of plants you can bring to your bedroom. Of course, there are some daring plants that you can try growing if you feel like it. Don’t hesitate to put your personality into choosing the plants that are going to surround you because it is all about taste and the way you individually perceive things. For the bedroom, select:
  • Snake plant – there are several types of snake plant that you might want to know about; think how much available space you have in your bedroom and opt for a species with short leaves, twisted leaves or long, narrow leaves; it also depends on how you want the plant to look like; some snake plants have striped leaves, while others have red ones
  • Peace lily – you have to be careful if you decide to bring a peace lily in; these plants are very sensitive to overwatering; peace lily is a plant that tolerates underwatering much better than overwatering; the good part is that this plant doesn’t need often fertilizing, so you don’t have to worry about it too much; plus, it looks very elegant once it blooms
  • Moth orchid – also called Phalaenopsis, is a beautiful plant to keep in the bedroom; yet there are a little more sensitive and you’ll need to invest some of your time and attention in maintaining it healthy and blooming; the effort will be worth it

Bathroom flora

Even though many people think that keeping plants in the bathroom is not a good idea, it is not true. There are certain types of plants that live well in low light. Here are some examples:
  • Broadleaf lady palm – this is one of the most popular houseplants because of its looks; it is great for removing airborne toxins and thus transforming the air into one that’s healthier to breathe; it is not pretentious when it comes to taking care of it, which makes it perfect for the bathroom
  • Chinese evergreen – this plant requires cleaning leaves every now and then because it accumulates dust; don’t forget that such plants often attract spiders, mealybugs, and aphids; you should check the leaves often; as mentioned before, plants like the Chinese evergreen tends to fight underwatering better than overwatering so keep that in mind when you schedule your watering plan; pay attention to small details