Tesla Model S Review

The Tesla Model S is the first creation from famous business magnate and investor Elon Musk. Tesla’s architect has always been compared to Iron Man when it comes to ingeniousness. Tesla’s new Model S electric car uses advanced technology that is indistinguishable from magic. The vehicle provides high performance without affecting the environment. This is a great change for Americans who have been feeling guilty for ocean pollution, mountaintop mining, climate change, and many others. Tesla can tap into the deep anxiety and comfort it without demanding any sacrifice. The Tesla Model S has an aluminium body structure strengthened with steel in key areas.The stiffness allows the car to achieve impressive dynamics, despite its more than two tone weight, size and 21-inch wheels. Model S is the first one, but the plan also includes a crossover SUV and a smaller saloon car. Tesla is ideally placed on the market, competing with BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. The base Tesla Model S has a liquid-cooled AC motor, delivering 362 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. Performance models are powered by a 16,000-rpm motor with extra windings, producing 416 horses and 443 torque. Base models are equipped with 19s and all-seasons, while performance models roll on 21-inch wheels. The 85-kWh lithium-ion battery pack will have a range of 300 miles. Later, the company will provide less-expensive 40-kWh and 60-kWh packs with a range of 160 miles and 240 miles. An onboard 10-kW charger is standard and comes with all models, while for $1500 drivers can purchase a 20-kW unit. This charger will cut the recharge time from 8 hours to 4, but the time depends on the voltage and amp ratings of the garage circuit. All the 4650-pound curb weight is concentrated in the battery pack located under the floor, so the Tesla Model S has a balanced center of gravity. As a result, it doesn’t need a hard suspension. Owners can choose between three steering-boost levels and four air-spring suspensions. Road bumps are hardly felt, but sometime passengers can hear them. Inside, all the controls and technology run through a 17-inch touchscreen located in the front dash. The screen is connected to 3G at all times, allowing all sorts of interesting things, such as updates that give drivers new options and listening to Slacker radio. The Tesla Model S is almost completely customizable through this screen, from adjusting suspension comfort to standard, and sport settings to wheatear or not the vehicle creeps forward when in drive. The Tesla has a panoramic roof stretching over the front and back seats. To open it, you just have to swipe the sunroof image on the touch screen. If this is not impressive enough, the car has only one fluid that needs service, the washer fluid, and has only six regular maintenance parts two wiper blades and four tires. Consumer Reports awarded the Tesla Model S a 99/100 rating, the best ever given. Moreover, it is the safest car ever tested by NHTSA. All of this and 0 emissions.