Spray foam insulation – things you should know 

When insulating a house, you need to consider not only the short-term benefits but the long term as well. Besides the costs, which are the first consideration that most homeowners have, there are other important details to take into account as well.  Because you have the possibility of choosing between various insulations materials, you must be wondering which is the best option for you. Once researching the topic more carefully, you will find that one of the most popular option nowadays is spray foam insulation, and with so many advantages provided it is no wonder why. If you are thinking about reinsulating, and you wish to learn more on the topic, then here is what you should know about spray foam insulation and why it should be your first choice:

What is spray foam?

Spray foam is a spray-applied plastic that is used to form an air sealing barrier and continuous insulation on roofs, walls and basically all contoured surfaces. The spray foam is created by mixing liquid components, which react rapidly and expand on contact, resulting into foam. The foam can seal all gaps, which is the reason why it is so often used for insulation purposes, being an effective solution in reducing undesired air infiltration through joints, cracks or seams.

Excellent air sealing

In comparison with other types of insulation materials, spray foam acts as an excellent air seal, regardless of what surface it is being applied on. Preventing air leaks and drafts is guaranteed, so this type of insulation option will allow you to obtain a comfortable and uncompromised indoor temperature throughout the entire year.

Indoor air quality

Because this insulation material acts as a barrier to vapor and water, it will help prevent an eventual water intrusion or condensation. Once all the gaps are properly sealed, the chance of insects, dust or pollen appearing in your home will be very low. Moreover, the appearance of mold will also not be a problem.

Performance is uncompromised

It is a known fact that most insulation materials lose their performance and diminish their coverage over time, which means the consistent temperature of your home will be compromised. With spray foam, this is not an issue, because it will maintain its shape for many years to come, and air leaks and insulation gaps are less likely to appear. Due to its high R value, which is the resistance of the insulation to heat conduction, spray foam does not settle over time, or even create dust. So once you are willing to invest in reinsulating your home, why not choose a material that is prone to last much longer than other options while maintaining its air sealing qualities?

Does not attract pests

Another detail that makes spray foam a better choice than other materials is that it does not attract pests. If your old insulation did not function well in deterring pests from nesting in your home, then you should know that with spray foam, this will no longer be a problem.

Easy application

Insulating your walls, ceiling and attic can be a lengthy process, which may affect in one way or another your daily schedule, even if you hire a professional to handle the job. With spray foam, you will benefit from an easy application, which means your house will be completely insulated in just a few working days, depending on the company you hire. Functioning as such a great air sealer, and offering an uncompromised performance, while being so easy to install, this option is certainly the best one you can opt for.

Should you hire a professional?

Although you may believe that you are able to insulate your home yourself, using those spray foam tubes you find on the market, the truth is that this job should be better left in the hands of a professional. During installation, if you are not using the equipment and protection required, there is a high chance of facing some health complications, and this is certainly something you would want to avoid. Do not take any risks, and prevent insulating your walls or attic poorly by choosing to hire a competent and experienced specialist, who can take care of this task efficiently and in optimal time.

Tips on choosing an installer

If you do decide to hire a professional installer, then you should make sure you choose the right company. Because you will be paying for the services, it is necessary to be certain that your investment is worth it. Browse the web and see what options you can find in Toronto, and then compare offers. Do not make your selection based only on the asking price, but consider other important factors as well. For how long has the company been in business? Do they have a good reputation? Do they have good client references? These are important questions that need to be answered before deciding to actually hire an installer. Also, check if the company’s employees have verified recommendations and if they have underwent proper training. From license to customer service, each selection factor should not be neglected, because it can make a big difference in the quality of the services received. If you analyze the topic objective, you will manage to conclude that spray foam insulation is probably the best option you have. Cutting down your energy bills while not compromising the indoor temperature, being easy to apply and offering excellent air sealing, this type of insulation will certainly enable you to improve the comfort of your home. With so many advantages, the initial investment made will definitely be worth it. However, as it is already mentioned above, insulating a house should be left in the hands of a professional, if you want the job to be done by the book. Therefore, if you have been thinking about the possibility of replacing your old insulation with spray foam one, then start by searching for a good company that can offer you services of this kind.