Simple Natural Remedies for Curing Strep Throat

We all know how bad you feel when having a strep throat. You will find in the pharmacies lots of products for curing a strep throat, which are are quite effective. But why to pay for this sort of medicines, when you can actually create in the comfort of your home a remedy for your strep throat. Here are some simple natural remedies for curing your strep throat.

Saltwater gargle

It is extremely recommended to do a gargle with saltwater twice or three times a day, for several days. You will actually notice an improvement of your throat after the first try. Remember that the saltwater needs to be warm, in order to be effective and kill step by step the bacteria from your throat. It’s certainly worth a try in case you have a strep throat.

Drink lots of liquids

When having a strep throat, you must drink lots of liquids, in order to hydrate your throat and feel better. Remember to drink still water at room temperature. Cold or sparkling drinks are not indicated. You could try to drink a few cups of tea as well. The warm liquid will certainly hydrate your throat and make the pain disappear. Soups will also help, especially the chicken soup with lots of vegetables. From a chicken soup, you will take all the needed nutrients, in order to be able to fight with your infection.

Apple cider vinegar

This is probably the most efficient natural remedy for curing your strep throat. What you need to do is to dilute some apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water, and then do a gargle for a few seconds. Repeat the procedure three times a day. It is without any doubt an extremely efficient way to get rid of a strep throat. Many people have tried this natural method for curing strep throats, and they are happy with the result, and what’s most important, you can cure yourself in a natural way.

Cayenne pepper

Maybe you will find strange using cayenne pepper for curing your strep throat, but it is actually an extremely efficient way to get rid of the bacteria and pain from your throat. It has been demonstrated that Cayenne pepper has beneficial properties and it can easily cure a strep throat. Just mix some Cayenne pepper with a bit of water and use a Q-tip to add the paste on the back of your throat, and slowly rub it for a few seconds.