Simple Nail Designs for Casual Outfits

If you are the type of girl that enjoys wearing comfortable yet nice clothes, than the casual style may represent you best. It’s not very hard to put together a comfortable yet stylish casual outfit but the key here is to pay attention even at the smallest details. For instance, a simple manicure will give you that extra “oomph” to boost your confidence and help you feel sexy even while wearing a simple casual outfit. Here are some smart and simple ways to create a beautiful nail design that complements a casual look.

Accent nail

Accent nail designs are extremely versatile because you can wear them with almost any type of outfit. So, if you want to stand out and have people admiring your nail design while keeping it simple at the same time, consider painting your nails in a pastel shade, only leaving out a one nail unpainted. Then proceed making a fun yet classy design, like the one from the image above. The glitter will give it a playful twist to you manicure.

Black and white

You will love this next nail art design because it’s elegant yet very simple to make. It seems like it has an intricate design but in order to create this design all you need is two nail polishes, a regular black nail polish and a white nail polish that comes with a very thin brush so that you can make the lines much easier. This nail design will complement a casual outfit but it will do wonders if let’s say you’re wearing some regular skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a silver statement necklace.

Polka dots

Who doesn’t love polka dots? Polka dots are almost everywhere…There are plenty of nail art designs that include this cute and fun design. What’s really great at this design is that besides the fact that it complements a casual outfit, you can draw inspiration from a variety of models. Whether you are planning to paint your nails in pastel colors, black, white or use only an accent nail, you will enjoy wearing this design for sure. If you want to keep it more simple, consider painting only the tips white or a bright color and draw little polka dots on them.

Newspaper nail art

Here is a fashionable trick for an easy nail art design, perfect for a day when you want to stay casual while being a little creative at the same time. In order to create this newspaper print nail art, you need to paint a basecoat to protect your natural nails. Then, paint your nails a gray, nude or white nail polish color and let it dry before moving to the next step. To transfer the newspaper print onto your nails, you will have to pour some rubbing alcohol into a cap or plastic cup and dip each nail into the cup for 5 to 10 seconds. Then, take a small piece of newspaper and press it on your nail for a couple of seconds then peel the paper in a gently manner. To seal the design apply a topcoat and your nail design is done!