Signs that show you might get stretch marks during pregnancy

  So, you’re expecting a baby. Congrats! When your child is born, you’ll see just how incomplete your life was before. Kids enrich your life and give it meaning. Everything changes when you’re pregnant: your sleep habit, schedule, and sense of independence. But it’s all worth it. You realise that you have a capacity for love that you’d never thought yourself capable of and you are crazy happy. Along with all the changes, there will be some physical ones too. We’re talking about the dreaded stretch marks. They appear on your tummy and on your upper thighs. Some women get them while others don’t. Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of stretch marks. You can only minimise their appearance. But wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t get stretch marks in the first place. Yes, it’s possible to reduce their risk. You can stop stretch marks with solutions like those offered by Secret Saviours. To know for sure if you need this innovative solution, look out for the following warning signs.

You’ve had stretch marks in your teens

Hormonal changes cause stretch marks, leaving the skin a lot more sensitive and thus susceptible to tearing. If you’ve had stretch marks in your teens, you should know that you weren’t the only one. Many women have scarring on the skin. They just don’t talk about it. The problem is that if you had striae when you were young, you’re going to get them again during pregnancy. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it. Secret Saviours bands and creams will help you fight off stretch marks and preserve your body. You don’t have anything to worry about.

Your mother has stretch marks

If your mom got stretch marks with her kids, then you will definitely get them too. How to stop stretch marks isn’t a secret for you anymore, so use the prevention system. The fact is that it has nothing to do with weight. The lines that develop on the surface of your skin have everything to do with genetics. If your mother developed scars, it was most likely because her skin lacked collagen and elastin, the connective tissues that the skin needs so much. What you and women around the world need to understand is that genetics play the most important role. If you have an increased risk of stretch marks, make sure that your skin maintains maximum elasticity during pregnancy.

You’ve suddenly put on weight

During your pregnancy, you need to get twice as much nutrients and vitamins. You know what they say: you eat for two. This is actually a big misconception. Researchers say that it’s not necessary to eat for two. You don’t have to starve yourself, but neither can you take advantage of this opportunity to eat as much as you can. If you put on too much weight when you’re expecting, you’ll increase your chances of high blood pressure and diabetes. If you like to eat, though, you’ll develop scars. What do you do then? You invest in a stretch mark prevention pack.