Reasons to install new sash windows

  Sash windows have been with us ever since the 21st century. They were extremely popular in the Victorian and Georgian times and they are still popular today. It’s impossible to explain why these types of windows are so well liked. It probably has something to do with the fact that they remind us of old times. If you wish to retain the original character of your home, then you should have new windows installed. That is, if it’s not possible to repair them. Don’t you think that installing new sash windows is a good idea, then the following arguments will help you change your mind.

Draughts are a major problem

Draughts in the home are uncomfortable. The chilly air strokes even in the warm months of the year, causing colds. Due to draughts, you feel cold and uncomfortable. Draughts occur when the home’s warm air escapes outside and is replaced by cold air. As you can imagine, the warm air escapes through the window. If you feel a breeze near the window frames, then they are to blame. It’s recommendable to have the sash windows replaced altogether. Experts in sash window repairs in Islington also know a thing or two about installation. They are able to replace your windows in a timely manner.

Preserving the original character of your building

The word culture is mostly used to designate high intellectual undertakings. Yes, but culture is represented by architecture too. Some would argue that architecture is an integral part of culture. Anyway, what you need to understand is that your Victorian or Georgian house is part of the nation’s culture, having a unique character. You should do everything within your power to preserve that character. You can do this by having sash window carpenters install new ones. The frames won’t ruin the authenticity of the property. The replacement sash windows look accurate enough. Actually, no one will be able to tell that they aren’t the original ones.

Incessant and expensive maintenance

As mentioned before, timber sash-windows were a must in the old days. Consequently, they can be found in many homes. These frames require tender loving care. To be more precise, you have to continually take care of them. The exterior frames need to be cleaned on a regular basis. They also require waterproofing. In order to keep the wood healthy, it’s necessary to use silicon spray and bees wax. All of this costs money. If you’re sick and tired of always doing maintenance work, then have the sash windows replaced. The sash windows of today require minimal upkeep, so you’ll gain valuable time and money. It’s up to you to decide if you want the sash windows replaced. If you don’t want new frames, that is perfectly okay. Just make sure that the windows are draft-proofed. The last thing you want is cold air in the home. draft-proofing is an easy and affordable way to cut down on utility bills and make your home comfy to live in. Think about it.