Questions you should ask your chiropractor before you start treatment

  What defines a successful doctor-patient collaboration? The doctor’s skills and experience are obviously the defining factor, but other aspects matter as well. For example, establishing trust and communication with a chiropractor is essential from the very beginning, even before you start the actual treatment. Asking a few basic questions in advance not only reassures you that you are putting your health in the hands of a professional, but also makes you more at ease, so you can walk into every session feeling safe and confident.

What sort of technique will you be using?

Despite its efficiency, chiropractic is an area of medicine that patients still don’t know very well, so they often go into sessions fearing that the treatment will be painful, invasive and uncomfortable, when it’s actually not. On the contrary, the expert chiropractors at CSSI tell patients that the aim of the sessions is to get rid of pain. For your peace of mind, ask your chiropractor what technique they prefer before the treatment starts, so you know what to expect. For example, some experts prefer stronger manipulation for faster results, but they can be gentler if the patient requests it.

How much experience do you have in treating my condition?

Chiropractic is one of the most impressive ways of alleviating pain and it can be used successfully for many health conditions, from back injuries to food allergies. However, it’s always a good idea to be treated by someone who has years of experience in treating your particular condition. Ask your doctor if he is familiar with your particular case and, if he isn’t, it’s best to go to someone else.

Will you take an X-ray?

It is essential for the chiropractor to take an x-ray of the affected area before treatment begins. This tells them if you have any fractures and gives them insight into the general state of your skeletal system. In order to treat, they need to know exactly what is wrong and x-rays do just that.  Do not work with a chiropractor who wants to treat you without knowing exactly what is wrong. At the very best, the treatment would be ineffective, but you could be risking more than that. Make sure your chiropractor offers you all the time and attention needed to understand and heal your condition.

What are your costs and payment plans?

Getting your health back on track should be your absolute priority, but asking about the costs is perfectly normal. After all, you want to make sure you can afford the treatment and if your insurance can cover all of it. Once you find out about the cost, you can compare it with other similar clinics offer, just to make sure the amount is not exaggerated. In addition to this, you should also ask for a few details about how the payments are handled and whether or not the clinic will allow you to pay in smaller installments. While this may not be the most important thing to look for in a chiropractic clinic, it’s definitely an aspect worth considering.