Pros and Cons of Water Ionizers

Water ionizers are similar to water filters, only that they purify water by releasing electrolysis to increase both the pH and alkalinity of the water. Water ionizers, as many water purifying systems, come with many disadvantages and advantages. The article below will show you which are the main pros and cons of water ionizers.

Water Ionizers vs water filters

The most important thing that you must keep in mind in regard to using a water ionizer is the fact that these devices are not as effective at filtering water from your home. You just can’t compare the water filtering abilities of a purpose-designed water filter with the ones offered by a water ionizer, which is, simply put, a basic water filter. So, if you are worried that the quality of your water supply is not as good and you want to get rid of the chemicals and irritants found in water sources, then you will need a water filtration system. On the other hand, if you only want to turn pure water into alkaline water, opt for a alkaline water ionizer.


Water ionizers can get quite expensive. In order to get good results, you will want to invest more in a water ionizer. These devices that are capable of turning pure water into alkaline water can cost from $100 to $4,000. Some may say that the health benefits that you get by consuming alkaline water significantly outweight the initial costs, but considering the fact this is valid with water filters as well. Having a water filter in your home is highly beneficial for your health, as it can remove a great amount of harmful particles, such as micro-organism, germs and chemicals from water, so you might not need to pay money on a water ionizer if you already have a water filter.

Health benefits

Regarding the health benefits offered by water ionizer, you should know that there are mixed opinions. There are many people who, after drinking alkaline water, report boosts in energy. They also claim that they feel rejuvenated and that it helps them stay focus throughout the day. Those who practice alternative medicine believe that alkaline water can prevent osteoporosis, but there is not sufficient scientific proof whatsoever to these claims.

Lack of evidence supporting the claims

One of the major drawbacks of using a water ionizer is the fact that although there are many who claim that alkaline water is good for your health, there is not sufficient evidence to back up the claims. The majority of people who have a medical degree don’t believe in the health benefits offered by alkaline water. However, it’s recommended to do a lot of research online before shopping for a water ionizer, to ensure that you’ve made the best choice.