Preparing for the second baby? Adjustments you should make

When you prepared for welcoming your first child, you did not know what to expect for. Now that you prepare for the second one you should have some realistic expectations, because your first child will be excited but they will also be upset that you will no longer focus your entire attention to them. Bringing a baby to the world is an exciting and mysterious thing, but at the same time, it can be terrifying because you do not know how you will be able to care for two children. Well, if you want your family to be ready for receiving its new member you should make some adjustments, because you are the one who controls the process. You should allow your first child to help you make the adjustments, to feel the big brother or sister, because this will help them maintain their excitement.

What should you do before having the baby?

You do not need to tell your child that they will have a sibling the same day you find out. They will find the nine months as an eternity until they will meet their baby brother or sister. They will want you to go with them to the public storage Seattle where you have stored their toys and to take home the ones that are suitable for new-borns. You want to avoid cluttering your house with toys, you do not need for the moment, so it is advisable to wait until you tell them the news.          You may not have as much energy as you had until now, because you will gain pounds. Therefore, you have to ask someone to help you handle the chores of the house so you can spend time with your older child, because you do not want them to feel neglected. You have to celebrate your older child during these nine months, because they have to feel loved. When the second child will arrive you will not have so much time to do activities with them, and in this way, they will feel they get the same treatment like when the baby was not here.

When you give birth

When the moment will come, you will spend at least two days away from your older child. Therefore, when you will feel better and they will come at the hospital you should know that they first come to see you, because they miss you. Spend some time alone with them, and then you can introduce them their sibling. Before the second baby arrives, you will have to design the nursery. It is not advisable to put the new-born in the same room with the older child, because they need to rest during the night. The baby will get up multiple times during night, and they will disturb the older child. You need two separate rooms for a period, so if you do not have enough room, you can transform one of your other rooms, for example the office in nursery. Take the furniture out, you can place it in the storage space, you have rented, until the children are old enough to share the room.