Prep up your wardrobe with these winter essentials

  As winter is approaching, you most certainly have a disappointed glace at your wardrobe and realise it does not fit your preferences or style anymore. But fear not, there are certain pieces that will bring you joy and warmth in the months to follow, if you choose them wisely. For instance, a pair of solid boots will take you a long way, while offering incredible amounts of comfort. Also, they look pretty, if you take a glance at the Dr. Martens boots. Luckily, Spartoo offers Dr Martens boots for retail at advantageous prices, so this must be your lucky day. But let’s see what winter essentials you should consider investing in.

A pair of floral Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is a world-wide known shoe manufacturer, and it is also notorious for the incredible quality of their pieces. They are incredibly comfortable, look pretty, with those pretty patterns and bows and they will allow you to feel snugger than usual. They will last you forever. While other boots usually wear out after a year or two, the soles made from high-quality rubber in these boots will last you more than you anticipate. Other type of leather will crack, but not the one in a pair of DMs. You will end up at a point giving those away, since getting bored with them is a more real perspective than those wearing out. But getting bored is difficult, with so many amazing designs available on the market. From the plain black boots, to the floral, autumn-like ones, you have a generous variety of models where to pick from. And after investing in a pair of these, you will realise how harsh on your feet you were up until now. These are truly the comfiest pair of boots with which you could treat your feet. So, go ahead and give your feet a little love and style.

A good ‘ol black coat

Well, you already have your splash of colour form your DMs, so, you need to tone down your wardrobe a little. A knee-length black coat will certainly do the trick, while keeping you warm and fluffy. Also, search for modern cuts, but make sure that the piece that you choose will fit your body type. Straight cuts seem to look beautifully on all body types. Search for those. Keep things classy, and never go for multiple crazy colours or designs. They look childish together.

A classy handbag

Edgy and classy. This is the blend you want to create when it comes to your looks. Search for a classy handbag that will create a pleasing visual contrast with the rest of your outfit. Also, a classy handbag will certainly look great in different outfits. Since they are so popular, you could opt for a classy leather backpack. These are three essentials all women should consider putting their money into this winter. These are timeless pieces, and some of those the most durable you will find.