Overcome your driving phobia in a car driving simulator

  Fear of driving is a common issue, experts believing that one person in ten is affected by this phobia. Not all people take this intense fear seriously, but it is. Vehophobia, as it is commonly known, can disturb your everyday life, making you feel as if you were in danger, not to mention that you become dependent of everyone when you need to get by. If you are afraid to drive a car or if you are thinking about getting your driver’s license, it is important to face your phobia. It is possible to conquer the fear of driving with the help of virtual reality treatment. Cruising in a Carnetsoft car driving simulator can be a good way to overcome your fear. As a matter of fact, these simulators have been especially developed for this aim.

What is a car driving simulator

A driving simulator is an interactive device that is mostly used for entertainment purposes, and the training and education of drivers all over the world. Driving simulators are not only practical and effective didactic tools, but they are also used for research purposes. These devices are practically full-size reproductions of the driver’s cabin, complete with steering wheel and pedals, and a realistic virtual reality. They are being increasingly used as a new form of therapy for vehophobia, as well as other anxiety states. According to studies, virtual reality scenes are effective in the treatment of vehophobia. Nonetheless, the therapy has to take place in the doctor’s office.

Treating driving phobia in a car driving simulator

You are able to control a vehicle, but choose not to because you feel embarrassed about practicing in public or you have been involved in an accident. A virtual driving simulator allows you to practice in a safe environment, which recreates different stimuli and real-life situations. What you have to do is sit in front of a console that displays various images and lets you mobilize the virtual vehicle. As part of the behavioral therapy, you will be exposed to fear-inducing stimuli. The journeys by vehicle can progress from pulling out of the driveway to more stressful exposures. You are required to repeat the scenarios until your anxiety levels decrease, and you are able to complete all of the driving situations calmly and relaxed.

Is a car driving simulator the most effective treatment?

It is largely believed that being exposed to virtual reality is the most effective way to achieve successful mental health. An exposure of this kind gives the therapist complete control over the stimulants being presented, therapists being able to reduce or increase fear according to individual tolerance. What is more, the treatment is a progressive one. Slowly but surely, you accept your thoughts and feelings. What happens is that you relearn how to drive and eliminate negative thoughts. Riding in a driving simulator is unquestionably the best way to conquer vehophobia because you will lose your sense of fear and finally be able to journey by vehicle in the real world. You will no longer avoid the highway.