Mental health challenges that college students have to face

College is supposed to be the best time of your life. You’re finally your own boss and you can dispose of your time as you please. What is more, you learn things that can help launch your career. Instead of living your life to the fullest, you constantly worry about getting good grades. The pressure to succeed is great and you fear not to disappoint your loved ones. Being surrounded by complete strangers doesn’t make things easier for you. You have absolutely nobody to talk to. Sure, there is the on-campus counselor, but you don’t want anyone thinking that there is something wrong with you. You’re positive that you haven’t developed a mental illness. But how can you be so sure? Millions of college students succumb to mental illness. These are the mental health challenges that they have to deal with.


About one in five college students have depression. Depression can take many forms and, most importantly, it can affect anyone. What happens when depression is left untreated is that the symptoms get worse. You have difficulty concentrating, you get more and more tired, not to mention that you become irritable. It’s no surprise that a great number of students drop out of college. If you’re feeling down, you should see someone about it. There’s no shame in admitting you have a problem. There are many celebrities who have battled mental illness and they’re not ashamed of opening up about their struggles. Depression is a serious thing.


Dealing with depression in college isn’t impossible. But what if depression isn’t the thing that is bothering you? It seems that anxiety is getting the best of college students. They can’t live a normal life and they are required to deal with a lot of stress and fear. Most students seek out drugs and, before they know it, become addicts. Instead of seeking help, college students keep their anxiety a secret. Other the fact that they are afraid of being judged by society, they don’t want to lose the position that they have fought so hard to attain. Anxiety has physical manifestations, such as headaches, upset stomach, and irregular heartbeats. If you notice any of these signs, don’t worry. There are many strategies to help you cope with the mental health issue.


Unfortunately, college has a dark side. We’re talking about student suicide. Many college students choose to put an end to their lives, feeling that they can’t take the pressure anymore. Students experience all sorts of feelings like helplessness, guilt, and despair. If only there was someone to hear their cries. Should you ever have negative thoughts, don’t listen to them. The voice inside your head is only trying to sabotage you.