Men fashion – how to dress to impress coworkers  

  Fashion is constantly changing, both for women and men. There is no wonder why not everyone can keep up with the trends. When it comes to men fashion, things are more stable, meaning that you can know for sure you won’t go wrong with a classic, elegant outfit. Going to work is part of almost everyone’s life and the way people dress says a lot about them. Some workplaces do not require dressing fancy or office, while others impose a more formal way to dress. Impressing everyone through your outfits can eventually lead to gaining the trust and the respect of coworkers. It is paramount to give some attention to the way you look because – even though some people might say looks and clothing don’t matter – the truth is you can transmit a lot through your appearance. Take advantage of that and do your best to impress through your style. Those mens merino shirts are waiting for you in stores. Go out there and build an outfit your colleagues will never forget.


Starting with the tips for a simple night out with your coworkers where you don’t need to wear a business outfit, you should learn the basics of men casualwear. There are several fashion staples that you’ll need to wear no matter what. These include black t-shirts of different colors, the classic oxford shirts, some polo shirts, standard button-ups and a few pairs of jeans and chinos. Buying all the items mentioned here won’t cost you a fortune and they are endless when it comes to fashion trends. Because of their simplicity, you can wear them now and two years from now on without any sort of problem. Plus, they are great for both a night out and a day at work if you combine them correctly. You can find such pieces at Hardvark Merino Clothing, a popular seller in terms of men’s fashion.


When things are more serious, you have to come up with a more business-looking outfit. Business clothes can be a little more expensive than what you are wearing for casual events. You should invest in a quality grey or navy blue suit, as they fit in any situation. You can’t go wrong with a black tuxedo either, but it’s best not to blend with everyone else. Besides a suit, you’ll also have to buy different cotton shirts and some ties. Don’t pick anything too garish and stick with simplicity and classic cuts. The shirt has to be lighter than the tie you are going to wear as the main rule of wearing a suit.

Footwear and other accessories

As for shoes and accessories, your wardrobe should definitely include at least one pair of black, elegant oxford shoes, a pair of casual boots, and a pair of sneakers of your choice. Men don’t wear a lot of accessories usually, so you should invest in several wristwatches and some belts that go well with the pants/suits you own.