Marriage prediction: will you spend a lifetime together?

  He brings you flowers when you least expect it. He prepares you breakfast in the morning before heading to work. He respects your beliefs and opinions. His level of productivity at work is unbeatable, but he still considers you his priority. Undoubtedly, he seems the perfect partner that every woman would be more than happy to have. In fact, your friends incessantly inquire about your wedding date because they simply cannot see you with someone else. Nevertheless, are you ready to spend a lifetime together? This is the question that keeps running through your mind for quite some time and obviously, overthinking led you to question the stability of your relationship when facing hardships and unexpected difficulties. You are fully aware that at the beginning everything seems incredible, but nobody knows what the future holds, unless you plan to start visiting psychic chat rooms. It might sound surprising, but many people resort to his option in order to find out if they are with the person they should marry.

Adopt a more objective perspective on your relationship

However, before opting for this uncommon method of predicting your marriage, we strongly advise you to evaluate your current situation or your relationship to try and figure things out by yourself. During the first year of being together, you probably focused mainly on the positive side finding excuses for the negative things. Well, the time has come to adopt a more objective perspective and think with your head, not your heart. Become an observer, but do not insulate the relationship. The main idea is to pay attention to the type of treatment he applies to other people, from the waiter at the restaurant to his own mother. Can you view him as a simple citizen living happily in the challenging and tiring world of work and family? Once again, fortune teller reading might help you discover if you two would make a successful couple, but so can you. The sings are there, you just have to read them. Of course, he is not the only person that you need to put under a microscope because a relationship does not include only a part, but two meaning that you must observe yourself too.

Would you two be good friends? What can you compromise on?

Confusing intimacy with intensity is quite common in relationships. If you have strong feelings for your partner, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to spend the rest of your life with him. For instance, can you see yourselves building a meaningful friendship that goes beyond sexuality? What are the things that you simply cannot compromise on? Whether it refers to immaturity, trouble listening or addictive behavior, you might not be able to share everyday life with a person who overlooks such red flags. Sometimes, even small things like talking during movies and distracting your attention or eating junk food when you are struggling to adopt a healthy lifestyle can easily become deal breakers ruining a seemingly happy and solid relationship.