Indoor versus outdoor storage units

Whether you decide to move out or to simply place your belongings in one place, storage units can be very useful. Before you start looking for the right storage unit for you, it is mandatory to decide on the type of unit that you want to rent. Thus, there are indoor storage units and outdoor storage units, both of them having pros and cons. So if you are undecided, keep on reading in order to find out which option works best for you.

Why rent a storage unit in the first place

Well, storage units can be an excellent solution if you are moving out and need a place to store your personal items. If you cannot take your things directly to your new home, you can rent a storage unit and keep them safe until you are able to pick them up. This will save you a lot of stress because you will not need to worry about your items. Also, if you are renovating your home and you need some space for your furniture, a storage unit is the smartest choice you can make.

Indoor storage units

  • An indoor storage unit is like storing at home. If you plan on storing only smaller items, an indoor unit is the best option. Your items will surely be kept safe and you will not need to worry about them being stolen. Thus, if you want to store items which are of sentimental value, an indoor storage unit is the way to go. Also, your expensive things should be stored in an indoor unit too.
  • If photos, antiques or artwork are the main things that you want to store, then choose an indoor storage unit. Why? Because climate-controlled systems work best when they are located indoors.
  • If you are moving out and want to store your furniture all in one place, an indoor unit may not be the smartest of choices. You will find it very difficult to get things in and out of the unit.
  • Are you thinking about storing a vehicle? Maybe you would want to consider that idea again. There are only a few indoor storage units that have drive-up access.
  • If you plan on using your storage unit very frequently, an indoor one will not be the best option because you will not have quick access to it.

Outdoor storage units

  • An outdoor storage unit is less expensive. So if you do not have enough money for an indoor unit, the outdoor one will do.
  • If you choose on storing things that you will need to access often, then an outdoor storage unit is by far the best choice because you will have quick access to your items every time you want to. Moreover, you can drive your car straight to the door of your unit in order to load and unload your belongings.
  • You can keep there a vehicle too. Outdoor storage units have easy drive-up access.
  • The risk of theft increases. An outdoor unit is far less effective when it comes to security.
  • Do not choose this type of unit if you plan on storing photos, artwork or other things that can easily get damaged. An outdoor storage unit is more exposed to weather conditions.