Improve your memory using these simple techniques

  You can read many tips and tricks on the internet that have the purpose to boost your brain and some of them might prove to be quite efficient because unless you suffer from memory loss, which is a serious medical condition, you have the possibility to do something in relation to this bothering situation. Some people create memory notebooks where they mark down everything they plan to do throughout the day and even month, others post reminders in their home or office while others talk aloud to themselves, which might seem weird. This is understandable because you cannot go through life acting like a crazy person and rehearse out loud ideas or plans because those around cannot help but display uncomfortable reactions. Thus, the next question arises: what other solution do you have? Fortunately, you do not have just one solution, but plenty of ways to boost your brain.

What specialists advise

Of course, we cannot talk about how to improve memory without taking into consideration various studies and proven facts. Specialists advise individuals who experience memory problems to change their lifestyle and give more attention to sleep because lack of sleep affects cognitive abilities, exercising because they link a strong body to a strong memory, laughing because it eliminates stress and meditating, which has the purpose to minimize distractions and sharpen attention. In addition, berries and vitamin D seem to do wonders for your memory. According to various studies, berries contain flavonoids, which improve vascular function and a good blood flow helps the brain recall and retain information. During a research that linked vitamin D to several health benefits, specialists found out that it has the power to protect the brain from a common and frightening disease called dementia.

Techniques you can use

Have you ever heard of mnemonic devices? We can describe them as memory tools that can help you remember words and concepts easily. The idea is to organize information in such ways that allow you to bring back certain memories. Visualizations, rhymes, acronyms and chinking represent common techniques that you can start using in order to escape from your difficult situation.
  • Considering that we always remember songs we hear, even though we do not necessarily like them, rhymes seem to get stuck in our brain easily and sometimes we even experience a hard time getting them out so this technique definitely works.
  • By using acronyms, you will make sure that you will never forget important names, dates or locations. For instance, teachers always tell children that if they encounter difficulties remembering the colors of the rainbow, they should use the acronym ROYGBIV or ROY. G. BIV. The second look and sounds like a fancy name so you will definitely remember it.
  • Chunking requires you to group things together. Practically, you categorize the items in order to remember them easily. For instance, instead of creating a grocery list, you can just create drawers in your mind. In each drawer, you can add a category, such as fruits while in the others you can include dairy products and beauty products. You can also categorize them by the first letter of the word.