How to Write SEO Articles Fast

It is very important for an article writer to know what SEO means and how does it work. The way you write the articles is critical because you want your website to be as high as possible in the search engine results. To have that you need to find the most relevant keywords and to have the ability to write fast because you do not want your text to become old and forgotten among millions of other texts and images from your category. If you want to compete with SEO writers that what you have to do is learn how to write fast. Here we are going to show you some steps on how you can improve your writing speed. Apply these steps in your writing and before you know it you will be able to compete wit the fastest SEO writers. Before you start writing make a list of keywords. You should identify those keywords to which the search engine will respond to first. By doing this your articles will be in the top searches. They key to every good SEO article is to write down about 5 phrases which you will be repeating constantly in the text. You can use the keywords starting with the title. The main keyword should be placed if possible at the very beginning of the text. Articles should be written only after you have finished your research on the topic. No matter how much articles you have to write it is best that you gather your information for at least for ten articles in the same day. Find your information on your favorite website by using keywords. Once you have found the information needed you can start writing the articles. All the information you have found on the subject you are interested in should be placed in a word document for inspiration. It is very useful to do this because it will help you when you need some background information. When you copy and paste these pieces of text do not forget to include the URL of the website where you got them from. Once you have finished gathering all your information you can start writing your articles. At the beginning you should take a moment and just write without thinking if you have spelled correctly, you can do that later. The key is to write down all the information that come to mind related to the subject and after that edit.