How to use your wood burning stove this winter

  The number of wood burning stoves sold in the UK in the past several years is quite impressive. We’re not gin got give you the exact number, but we can tell you that people love a good log burner. Why is that? Well, wood burners generate sufficient heat for the home. Additionally, they use a renewable fuel source. By using one, you’re doing yourself and the environment a favour. Maybe you don’t need to hear all this. You already have a wood burning stove for heat. But do you know how to properly use it? Chances are that you don’t. Most people don’t know how to work with wood burning stoves. Read this article here and learn how to make good use of your log burner.

Dry your wood

Contemporary wood burning stoves, as well as traditional ones, are meant to burn wood. So, being the conscientious person that you are, you have bought wood for this winter. The thing is that you can’t just throw the logs in the wood burner. Why? Because the wood is around 50% water. That’s right. What you have to do is dry your wood in order to eliminate the excess moisture. If you don’t do this, then you’ll just be adding water to the fire. Basically, you’ll have to burn that much fuel to heat your home. Save your money and dry the wood before throwing it into the stove. You don’t have to do anything in particular. Place the wood logs or pellets in a place where they can dry properly. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that this will take a while.

Get the fire started in the wood burning stove

Once your wood is ready, you have nothing left to do but to get the fire started and make your home comfortable. You can start the fire the old-fashioned way, meaning with a few newspapers. If you can’t manage to light the fire with the newspapers, then use a regular lighter. This will spare you a great deal of effort. Maintaining the fire in a wood burning stove isn’t the same thing as maintaining a genuine fire. To be more precise, the fire doesn’t burn efficiently if the stove isn’t hot. Also, it’s important to leave gaps between the logs so as to encourage air circulation. If you have a modern log burner, then you also have air input controls. Fully open the air input controls and make sure to keep the door open.

Enjoy the fire

The last thing that you have to do is enjoy the fire. While it’s true that sitting in front of a wood burning stove isn’t the same thing as enjoying real fire, it’s pretty close to the real deal. The home is properly heated and it’ll be impossible for you to not take pleasure in seeing the flames. So, sit back and relax in front of the crackling fire. What else do you have to do on a cold winter day?