How to Prevent Accidents in a Senior Household

A household with seniors in it has to be safe and to offer them everything they need in case of emergency. When we grow old our physical abilities gradually weaken, therefore we become prone to accidents. Protect your loved ones of yourself and prevent the accidents that can occur in a senior household.


Falls are the most common accidents involving seniors that could occur at home. They happen either because the person trips over certain objects and obstacles or they happen due to fatigue and fainting. In a senior household the biggest enemies are definitely the stairs; walking up and down them all day is tiring and it’s easy to trip and fall on them. To prevent falling down the stairs a stair lift should be installed. It helps the elderly to go up and down stairs in safety. Stair-lifts are easy to install, they don’t take up too much space and they are affordable as well. The lighting is very important when it comes to preventing these accidents too, the light in all the rooms having to ensure that the household is getting an adequate amount of light. Last but not least, keep the house clean and free of obstacles that could cause seniors to trip over them because they didn’t see them on time.

Burns and scalds

These type of accidents occur because old people can’t see as well as we do and they sometimes forget about things. To avoid any incident from which the person might get a burn or scald, you have to try to prevent them from ever happening. When you are cooking turn the pan handle close to the wall to not hit it when you or other household members pass by and get scarred from the hot oil or water. When cooking you have to pay attention to the stove or oven and the utensils used for cooking to not provoke a fire. If you have to handle a hot object, put insulated gloves and always make sure that everything you intend to eat or drink is at a reasonable temperature.

Drug overdose and accidental poisoning

Drug overdose and accidental poisoning are easy to avoid. First of all, always make sure you are taking the medicine that was prescribed for you and not for another household member. Never take more pills than the doctor says and you must take them at a precise time. Don’t take drugs without consulting a doctor or you may face the risk of a heart attack or liver failure and never forget to check the expiration date to avoid poisoning yourself.   As you can see, some simple precautionary steps can prevent severe accidents. Stair-lifts are somewhat expensive, but they can change the life of an elderly or a disabled person. Moreover, other precautionary methods don’t require financial investments, just some caution and attention.