How to Prepare Your Body for Winter

When winter comes, your body has to go through some changes due to the differences of temperature, the shorter days with less sun and all the viruses that lurk everywhere. You have to be more careful what you eat, how you dress and how you strengthen your body in order to successfully face all the changes, so the following tips on how to prepare your body for winter will come in handy.

Keep viruses away

The first thing you have to do is help your immune system fight all the diseases that thrive in cold weather, like bronchitis, flu, viruses or sore throats. Instead of resorting to synthetic drugs, you can get your vitamins from fruits and vegetables with a high content of vitamin C, like lemons, oranges, peppers, kiwi or papaya. The high levels of vitamin C will help you fight viruses and bacteria and will keep you healthy during the winter.

Moisturize the air

With the low temperatures outside, you will want to keep your house warm using a heating system that will not only heat the air at home, but it will also dry it, which will automatically dry your skin and your nasal mucus. A solution to this problem is to use a humidifier at home to help you adjust the air humidity to a comfortable level that will moisture your skin and will ease your breathing.

Lower your body fat and increase your muscle mass

Contrary to popular belief, fat doesn’t keep your body warm but muscles do. We advise you to do a healthy experiment with your body. Go to the Bodyfatanalyzer.reviews comparison site and buy the best rated body fat analyzer. Choose one which displays both your fat percentage and your muscle percentage. Once you have a good body fat scale, try excluding fats from your diet and start working out to increase your muscle mass. By doing so, you will get leaner, without actually losing weight. Your body will be stronger and better prepared to deal with the winter cold and the common winter viruses. A body fat analyzer is a long term investment in your health. It is not just a winter solution. If you consistently monitor your fat and muscle levels for the rest of your life, you will never gain weight again, because you will know how to adjust your diet and your workout routines in order to reap the best rewards.

Get your vitamins

A significant winter deficiency is the vitamin D because the main source for this vitamin is the sunlight, which is available less in winter days. Luckily, you can also get this vitamin from your food, especially from fat milk products and oily fish like salmon and herrings. If you don’t like dairy products and meat, you can increase the mushroom consumption in order to get all the vitamin D your body is missing.

Stay hydrated

Although winter is not hot and you don’t sweat as much as in summer, your body must stay hydrated in order to help the nutrients get to each organ. Keep drinking at least 2 liters of water every day and your body will look healthy both on the inside and on the outside.

Stay active

Due to the low temperatures outside, it’s likely that you will reduce the amount of exercise you perform every day, which can ruin your physical shape and keep your body from burning the fats you gather in the winter. A good tip to keep doing your regular exercises is to get a treadmill at home so that you won’t have to go out and exercise in the cold.