How to organise an unforgettable conference

Conferences are events that allow people to grow intellectually and to meet more people. Networking is paramount, especially when you work in a field where connections are everything. Organising a conference from scratch can be very difficult for a first-timer. Time is a very sensitive matter in a conference because everything has to be thoroughly planned beforehand and a schedule has to be respected neatly. More than that, the organiser also has to deal with promoting the conference and transforming it into a popular, long-expected event. This article contains precious tips regarding the details that make a conference truly unforgettable. Follow this list and everything should go as planned.  

The speakers

The speakers you manage to bring to the conference are the central attraction for everyone. Beside local speakers that will keep the conference busy, you should try to invite a public person that matches the theme of the conference. Even though you might need a higher budget for this, you can ask for an entrance fee and you’ll be able to pay the speakers afterward. After deciding how many speakers will attend the event, start printing the promotional materials and give them a central place on the posters and brochures. Big names attract a lot of people. Make sure to buy lecterns for all the speakers who are going to present in front of the guests. This way, it’s easier to respect the schedule when every keynote speaker can have his own lectern.

Venue and services

Next, you have to choose the appropriate venue and the services you are going to offer to the conference. The venue has to be spacious enough for the number of people you estimate that will come to the event. Keep in mind that you also have a budget to respect, and not all venues are accessible. Give yourself enough time to research the available venues and only decide when you checked the venue yourself. The services offered may vary from a coffee break to a lunch break, depending on the duration of the event and the entry fee you set. Usually, for 8-hour conferences, both a coffee break and a lunch break are recommended.

The exhibition area and promotional materials

Depending on the specifics of the conference, the venue should also offer an exhibition area, so sponsors or vendors can promote their products. The exhibition area is also an opportunity for networking, so it should be placed in a friendly space where communication is encouraged. In case your budget allows you to offer maps to the conference guests, the exhibition area is the perfect place to share these based on a guest-list. The most respected conferences offer their guests a map that contains the conference’s program in a printed version, a USB stick or a printed version of all the abstract submissions, a pen, and an agenda. Respecting all these tips will lead to hosting a memorable conference. Pay attention to the feedback from the participants. Chances are that you’ll need to organise a second edition next year.