How to design the right label for your product

When you walk into a store, some products seem to jump out of the shelves and draw your attention while others you don’t even seem to notice. A well-designed label can impact the success of the product because customers make decisions based on the appearance of the item they purchase. With so many seasoned products in the industry, it may be challenging for yours to steal the spotlight. But with a well-crafted label, you boost its chance for success. The good news is that you don’t need a graphic designer, you can create professional labels on your own with the help of a few free online tools. Don’t forget that your customers get into direct contact with the packing first, and if they like it, they may try the content. Here is how to design a label that attracts your customers.

Pick the label size

How do you know how much packing is needed for your product? Before picking a label you must decide if you work in an industry that sets a standard for packaging, you want to draw attention to the product or package, there is enough room on the product to print all needed info, and if you want to cover the entire product or only a small part of it. Pick up three versions of label, use an Etikettskrivere to print them, and ask your clients to vote on social media the size of label they find fit for the product.

Determine the label material

When it comes to packing, you have many material options to choose from. If your product is designed for bathroom or shower use, you may want to choose something waterproof. Go with one that can hold up moisture and maintain its properties. Check with the Blekkstråleskrivere to make sure the printer works on the material you use for the label. It’s important to go with one that allows for package upgrades.

The label should compliment the container        

When using a clear glass or plastic container, it’s best to choose a clean minimalist packing to allow the buyers have a glimpse of the content. When using clear labels, you can achieve the no label look everyone loves right now. If you use a mikrobryggeri utstyr note that it doesn’t have white ink, and if you create a white label it will interpret it as the absence of colour, so the result will be semi-transparent.     

Work with a label template

You can use an app like Canva to find templates for your label. Even if many companies use the same templates, the designs are always different because the app allows configuration. You can pick one of the models listed in their extensive library and personalise it with the colour, logo and font of your brand. When you create labels for your products, the process is different than when you design labels for the web. You must consider the material, size and environment in which you present the product.