How to deliver your wedding speech with confidence

Some people run as far away as they can when they hear about public speaking while others feel quite comfortable with the idea. Whether you fall into the first or the second category, when it comes to delivering a wedding speech you cannot help but feeling nervous and anxious. After all, it represents an important event in the life of the emotional couple and you do not want to ruin their happiness or fall below their expectations. This means that apart from testing your creativity and your writing skills, you also need to exude sincerity and confidence when delivering the much-awaited speech. You have to look like you own the moment and you speak from the heart. Moreover, avoid making common wedding speeches mistakes, such as being inappropriate, stealing the spotlight, ignoring the parents or losing your composure. The thought that you do not have to retain everyone’s attention for more than five minutes should be comforting.

Take your time: is an opportunity, not a curse

The secret that many influential speakers hold and that you should religiously follow is taking your time. If you speak quickly in order to complete the mission earlier than anticipated, it will be awkward because almost nobody will be able to pay attention to the words and the meaning of your speech. Instead, by speaking clearly and slowly, the audience instantly feels that you are in control and that you are going to take your confidence to another level. Remember, there is no need to rush; you should actually take advantage of this great opportunity to address your feelings regarding the event and the couple as well as giving thanks for allowing you to participate in this special event and witness their love and affection. At some point in the future, you will look back at this moment and you will regret enormously not making efforts to create a wonderful atmosphere. Visit specialized websites that could give you some help in this regard.

Should you read or memorize it?

What do you think about combining these two options? First, you have to be aware that nobody expects you to recite all the words by heart meaning that you do not have to waste time memorizing the entire speech. On the other hand, you cannot just go there, stand in front of all the guests and have no idea what you are going to say. Sometimes, especially when it comes to Wedding speeches, you have to rely on preparation and not necessarily on inspiration because it can fail you. Consequently, you should hold some cue cards at the chest level because it will allow you to maintain eye contact with the others in the room without losing the speech from your sight. Do not forget to smile while glancing at your cards. Even if you are shaking during the moment, the guests do not have to read it on your face. Moreover, body language can easily give you away so do not forget to keep a straight posture. Look the bride and the groom directly in the eye during pauses because it will make them feel important.