How to Choose the Right Flat Iron for Your Hair Type

Every day, women use styling tools to change the way they look and feel about themselves. The most popular styling tool is undoubtedly the flat iron because there are in fact very few people who have naturally straight hair and to be honest, those people are said to be the most attractive. If you want to have long straight hair that still maintains its glow, you need to learn what kind of flat iron is right for you. Today, we’ve put together a small guide to help you choose the best flat iron for your hair type.

Thick and curly hair

For thick and curly hair that is hard to style and maintain, you should know that you can pick from different types of flat irons. Here’s what you need to know.
  • Plate size: Generally speaking, it’s recommended to opt for a 1-2 inches flat iron, depending on the length of your hair. If you have short hair, opt for a 1 inch flat iron. If you have medium to long hair, a 2 inch flat iron will be the most appropriate.
  • Temperature: Thick and coarse hair can withstand a bigger level of temperature, somewhere between 380 – 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Plate material: Your hair type can handle different types of technologies, such as ceramic, titanium and tourmaline. So you can experiment with different types of flat irons and find one that will suit you best.

Normal and wavy hair

Normal hair is the easiest to style and straighten because it doesn’t break as easily. In addition, it isn’t dry as curly hair, nor oily as thin hair. However, there are a couple of things that you should pay attention at.
  • Plate size: A 1 1/2 or 1 1/4 inch flat iron will be the most suitable for your type. If you have very long hair, that goes above the shoulders you can opt for a 2 inch flat iron that will help you style your hair much faster and more efficiently.
  • Temperature: Normal hair tends to be straight but with some body or completely wavy. Choose a flat iron that will allow you to adjust the temperature between 360 and 380 (not more) degrees
  • Fahrenheit. Plate material: You can choose from ceramic, titanium or tourmaline.

Thin and fine hair

Most people that have thin hair or naturally straight hair generally complain that it breaks easily and that it feels dry to the touch. Here’s how to find the best flat iron for thin hair.
  • Plate size: any
  • Temperature: When styling your hair, you need to be sure that the temperature doesn’t exceed 360 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise the heat may damage your hair.
  • Plate material: A ceramic flat iron can help you straighten your hair and give it that natural shine, without fearing that it may break. You can also opt for a tourmaline flat iron but stay away from titanium flat iron, they are generally not suitable for people with fine and thin hair.