How to Choose Between Different Home Water Filtration Systems

Home water filtration systems are a reliable help in removing the contaminants from the water in your house and maintaining your health, so you should choose one as well. If you don’t know how to choose between different home water filtration systems, here are some pieces of advice that can help you make the best choice.

Decide if you need to filter all the water you use or just from one source

The whole house water filter is installed on the main water pipe and can handle all the water that runs through your house while an under the sink filter or a tap filter handles the water running through a particular water source it is attached to. Choosing the right type for your house depends on how much water filtration you want to cover. On Waterfiltration.reviews you can find reviews of different types of water filters. From undersink filters, to countertop and whole house systems, this website features reviews of the most popular products in this field.

Choose between several filtering technologies

The technology the water filter uses determines how efficient it will be in your house, depending on the type of contaminants you need to remove. There are water softeners that remove the calcium and magnesium from the water, reverse osmosis systems that can handle a wide range of impurities, active carbon filters that remove bacteria, heavy metals, gasses, and VOCs, or distillers that remove chlorine from the water. Some filters are more efficient than the others, which is mainly influenced by the quality of the technology they use. Choosing between a carbon filter or a reverse osmosis filter is based on the content of the water in your house.

Pay attention to the costs

The costs differ from one water filtration system to another and although it should not be an essential factor in your choice, it is an important aspect. A whole house water filter is expected to be more expensive, as it can filter larger amounts of water, but filters also hide other costs like maintenance and additional accessories. Besides the purchase price, analyze the home water filtration system very well and see how much the maintenance will cost you before running to conclusions.

See how easily you can handle it

If you have already decided on the type of home water filtration system you need, the next step is to see how easily you can install it. Some water filters are easy to attach on the faucet, others come with pipes and hoses that connect to the water source while the whole house water filters come with a complete installation kit. How easily you will be able to change or clean the cartridges is also important, so make sure you buy a hassle-free home water filtration system.

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    I’m looking for a whole house filter and I want one that can also handle the bad chlorine odor that makes my tap water hard to drink. Which one would you recommend?

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      Ted Evans


      Julianne, for the best whole house filters, go to waterfilter.best and see their top choices. The results of various Waterfilter.best tests will help you decide which one can meet all your needs, including the one related to chlorine odor.

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