Residential construction: why use steel instead of wood?

  Whether we are talking about residential or commercial building projects, technical insight, software, tools and techniques are crucial elements. In both situations, the process includes the same old steps, namely initiation, planning, workmanship, performance level and supervision, closure. Before advancing the project, the parties involved must determine its feasibility and create a document outlining […]

Reasons to install new sash windows

  Sash windows have been with us ever since the 21st century. They were extremely popular in the Victorian and Georgian times and they are still popular today. It’s impossible to explain why these types of windows are so well liked. It probably has something to do with the fact that they remind us of […]

Tips to increase the comfort levels in your home

  As homeowners, we all seek to boost the comfort that we experience in our homes. From time to time, we all search for a project that might facilitate this and bring our house on new comfort levels. Regardless, some small additions and modifications can bring your property on whole new comfort levels, while maintaining […]

Home project: creating a Scandinavian-themed bathroom

  Your home perfectly interblends utility, simplicity and minimalism. The breezy spaces and the ash wood floors create visual dynamism. The light modern furniture merges smoothly and continuously with the rest of the interior. The understated materials and muted colors make the rooms feel more spacious without overelaborate details. In order to avoid that sterile […]

A contemporary designer’s guide to decorating your home

  A common prejudice until a few years ago in terms of modern, contemporary interior designs was that those are minimalistic, unwelcoming and cold. Well, in fact, nowadays designers have found some incredible ways to create a welcoming, astounding interior design that also falls into the “contemporary” category. If you’re curious what pieces of advice […]

Choosing and displaying art – foolproof tips

  Artists and gallery owners create and handle pieces of art every single day. Therefore, recognizing and understanding a great painting comes naturally, just like breathing. However, the situation changes when you are a homeowner that simply wants to enhance an interior space because you can easily get lost in the multitude of styles and […]

Indoor versus outdoor storage units

Whether you decide to move out or to simply place your belongings in one place, storage units can be very useful. Before you start looking for the right storage unit for you, it is mandatory to decide on the type of unit that you want to rent. Thus, there are indoor storage units and outdoor […]

What can a loft conversion project offer you?

  Have you been contemplating on doing a loft conversion, but are not quite sure if this is a project worth investing in? If so, learning about a few aspects on the subject, and thus understanding the benefits this project can come with will help you reach an accurate conclusion. Even if the budget required […]

How to prepare your home for holidays in no time

  As the holiday season is approaching, many of us think how we could manage more effectively the entire process. And obviously, the answer is investing in dedicated cleaning services, like these carpet cleaning Dublin services. Needless to say, each inch of your property must be squeaky clean for the holiday season, and investing in […]