Honeymoon ideas on a budget

You are the happily “just married” couple after all the stress that you have been through while trying to plan the best wedding ever.  However, you know now that weddings are not so cheap and you inevitably have to pay more money than you were planning to for unexpected things that you discovered in the middle of the planning process. You may not have a big budget left for your honeymoon, but you definitely need one to get away for a few days and just enjoy the time with the one that you have chosen to spend the rest of your life without anyone else you know around you. Read below these amazing ideas and see how to have an amazing honeymoon even if your budget is tight.

Disney World

It might not be the best romantic place in the World but you will definitely have a lot of fun and will relieve all the stress that you have on your shoulders. If you book the tickets early in time you can definitely find a great deal, especially if you choose to go on any other season but summer and you will probably have the place just for yourselves. It will be an unforgettable honeymoon even if you do not spend a lot of money on souvenirs.

Turks and Caicos Islands

This is an amazing place with many breathtaking sites that is going to make you feel like you are spending your honeymoon on a different planet. This place is surely the right choice if you want a relaxing and romantic atmosphere with long walks on the beach in the evenings. Moreover, there are many activities that you can both do such as fishing trips in the Turks & Caicos Islands, swimming in the Ocean and getting a nice tan.


Who does not know that Paris is the city of romance? If the perfect honeymoon for you is a romantic one, the capital of France is where you two have to go. In reality, Paris is not as expensive as you have probably heard it is, so you might be able to also do some shopping at the famous shops there. You have a lot of places to visit and take amazing couple photos while spending time together, you can enjoy the Parisian breakfast with the most delicious croissants you have ever eaten.


If you just want to go away for a few days and you only want to be surrounded by nature and peace, you can break the stereotypes of the typical honeymoon trips and go camping in the middle of the forest where is no one around you at all. There is no other more romantic atmosphere than to make a campfire and enjoy the amazing night sky full of stars next to your soulmate.  Whether is a trip in nature, a kiss under the Eiffel Tower, Turks & Caicos Islands boat charters or long walks on the beach, you need to remember that all that matters is to celebrate your love and bound spiritually with your loved one.