Home Theater Projector Buying Guide

It is true that it’s quite confusing to choose a home theater projector due to the many units of this type that are on the market nowadays. This article is especially for those who are in this sort of situation, and it will certainly offer them the desired information. Here is the home theater projector buying guide.


This is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider when shopping for a home theater projector. It is recommended that you get a unit that has around 1500-1700 lumens. This is the ideal brightness for a medium room. In case you have a small home cinema, then you should go for devices that have 1000 lumens. You will also find on the market products that have 2500 lumens and even more, but they are ideal only for extra large rooms.

Image quality

This includes the resolution and the contrast ratio. Therefore, you must be very careful when shopping, and choose a device that has a high resolution and a high contrast ratio as well. By doing so, the projected image will be extremely clear, detailed and very sharp. In case you have no idea I am talking about, then here is a quick summary of each characteristic. First of all, the resolution represents the number of pixels that are used for displaying an image. For a detailed projection of graphs and charts, the resolution must be very high. A unit that has 1080p should be ideal, in order to project a cleaner and crisper image. On the other hand, the contrast ratio represents the difference between dark and light, and therefore, should be extremely high, in order to offer you a clear and sharp image.

Wireless connection

Remember to choose a unit that works via wireless, rather than a cable. It is much easier for you to use it, and you will also be able to start watching a movie extremely quick. If you choose a device that has a cable which needs to be connected, this will take you a bit longer and the cable will also be in your way, and this can be quite annoying.

Instant on/off feature

This is an extremely important feature that you should look for. By getting a device that has it, you won’t need to wait for the projector to warm up or cool down, and this means that you will be able to start watching a movie in the shortest time possible.