Home project: creating a Scandinavian-themed bathroom

  Your home perfectly interblends utility, simplicity and minimalism. The breezy spaces and the ash wood floors create visual dynamism. The light modern furniture merges smoothly and continuously with the rest of the interior. The understated materials and muted colors make the rooms feel more spacious without overelaborate details. In order to avoid that sterile appearance, you added a few accents here and there in a subtle manner. It works wonders because you managed to create a functional layout, yet visually aesthetic. Sometimes, details make the difference and in this case, they helped you achieve a sophisticated, unadorned and chic design. We cannot talk about straight lines, plenty of natural light and straightforward accessorizing without instantly realizing that you are I love with the Scandinavian style. Every room in your house breathes Scandinavian décor. Unfortunately, the only space left untouched is the bathroom, which seems cold and unwelcoming. You can easily change that by infusing elegance and style into it.

Determine the amount of resources you need to invest in the renovation project

After completing the renovation project, your bathroom will become the epitome of peace, softness and tranquility. You have to make an important choice first regarding the magnitude of the project. More specifically, decide if you want to change or add a few decorative elements in certain areas of the bathroom or you think about initiating a time-consuming yet exciting process that will transform your bathroom into your personal oasis. If you incline towards the latter, you probably wonder how much does a new bathroom cost. Establishing the budget right from the start is crucial for having the certainty that you will be able to complete the renovation without any problems. The bright side is that you will not have to invest in numerous pieces and accessories because the Scandinavian design relies on simplicity and cleanliness as mentioned at the beginning of the article.

How to infuse Scandinavian elements into your bathroom

The natural instinct is to go with floor to ceiling white and this will work perfectly if children do not use the bathroom. Let your inner artist come to play by painting the walls brilliant white on your own for a hygienic and refreshing feel. You can go all the way and mix various shades of white. In terms of flooring, you can choose between natural stone, pale marble and white metro tiles. All of them would look stunning so the selection process should not be so daunting. Since you probably know that white can make your bathroom look sterile, adding a pop of color is fundamental. For instance, in what concerns the bathroom furniture, you can opt for stripped pine or oak. Moving on to fixtures, you should focus on walk-in showers and standalone baths. The main goal is to achieve a contemporary or industrial design with sleek fixtures and fittings. Even though most people avoid placing greenery in the bathroom because of the high level of humidity, we advise to find a thriving plant and go for it.