Home décor: create a shabby chic kitchen on a shoestring budget

You probably never thought that you will associate the word “shabby” with the interior décor of your beautiful home. That is because, just like everyone else, you immediately pictured something that lacks formal rules, structure or elegance. The reality is that such a timeless aesthetic does not suit the tastes of any homeowner because it requires you to embrace the past and explore flea markets in order to purchase and include vintage pieces into your personal living space. You have to recognize the gem or diamond disguised in a worn piece of furniture that necessitates restoration. Undoubtedly, this represents the best part of choosing to inject shabby chic elements into different areas of your house: the fact that you can easily complete the project on a shoestring budget and easily obtain the needed elements. If you already installed a chandelier into your living room, added a big framed mirror on the wall, used linen napkins for the table and purchased the most comfortable seating, all you have to do is continue the job in the kitchen as well.

Install antique furniture and play with different textures

We have to warn you that some people will not understand the effort you invested in finding the perfect balance between shabby and chic, but that should not stop you from working your magic. Although we are talking about the kitchen, you have to keep in mind two words during the redecoration process: informal and relaxing. Not having to follow rules actually gives you more freedom to express yourself and play with furniture pieces, textures and colors. Starting with furniture, you should look for elements with a distressed effect in order to bring back the old. Howss can definitely help you in this regard by offering you traditional-style units so that you can easily combine rustic and elegant by mixing and matching different pieces obtained from different popular and vintage stores. In you intend to install a backsplash, make sure that you opt for texture and avoid that sleek style in order to exude richness and captivate the attention of your guests when organizing social gatherings. Just think about it: everyone is going to admire or question your decisions in terms of style.

Go with muted colors and remember to add fresh flowers on the table

Moving on to colors, you have to go with pale, neutral tones in order to lighten up the kitchen and give the impression of more space. You can strategically interblend shades of stone, cream, pale grey and white with darker colors like deep raspberry and charcoal. More importantly, do not forget to place a bouquet of sweet fresh flowers in the center of the table ever single day in order to exude a refreshing feel. You probably know that plants and flowers breathe life into any space. When it comes to accessories, select elements that remind of the bygone era. Mason jars, linen-lined baskets and traditional cookware are indispensable for achieving that shabby chic style. If you inherited a vintage piece from your grandparents, display it proudly.