Grow-to-Pro Super Sounds Soccer

The Fisher-Price Company was founded in 1930 by Herman Fisher Irving Price and his pain tress wife, Margaret Evans Price, and the company name comes from the founders’ name. At the beginning, the company used fir and steel for toy manufacturing. Herman Price was a creative and innovative manager, who designed the so-called ‘push-pull’ toy, based on cartoon figurines. In 1913 the Fisher-Price had a great success at the American International Toy Fair with 16 wooden toys. By the 50’s the company begins to use plastic in vivid colors, the first plastic toy being Buzzy Bee. In 1969 Quaker Oats Company took over Fisher-Price. Two years later in 1993 the company became a Mattel branch, and the basic profile will be now toys for babies and preschool children. A fun and attractive soccer game produced by the manufacturer Fisher-Price is the Super Sounds Soccer for kids. Made especially for your little soccer player, the Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer can be played by both beginners and advanced when your child wants to have fun with friends and be competitive. The soccer play comes with a goal, plus a net, an adjustable target, a two player score keeper and a ball. It also features fun sounds when the ball hits into the net or when the adjustable target is hit. The sounds encourage and reward your child each time he or she scores. In addition, the Super Sounds Soccer can be set for beginners or for pros. Beginners are rewarded with fun sounds whenever the ball hits into the net, while advanced are motivated to use it when they hit the target – the sounds are played and ‚Goal!’ is shouted, thus the challenge grows along with the child’s growing skills. Moreover, the two-player score keeper provided with up to five goals allows your child to keep track of the score whenever he or she has a competitor. You and your child can now have fun together with the wonderful Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Super Sounds Soccer. This soccer game from Fisher-Price is recommended for preschoolers aged 2 to 4 years old, and you can buy it for your child for a price of $24.99. Your little one will love to play with the Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer, which will help him develop sports skills and become a little soccer star.