Great careers that will assure you a comfortable living

Finding a job that offers a great work-life balance, a job that does not require a college degree, and that offers you all the financial means in order to live a comfortable life may be difficult. Nevertheless, there are plenty of jobs or businesses that meet these requirements, careers which you may be unaware of. From property trading, to blogging and photography, we have them all below.

Property exchange under the 1031 real estate law

Yes, who would have thought that the Delaware Trust allows you to have a pleasant and financially comfortable life? Like-kind 1031 real estate property exchange will definitely allow you to get into the rental business, a sector that is quite generous with rental businesses. In short, this type of investment means that you can swap two different properties without paying the usual taxes. The properties can be different in their destination, but not in price. The main rule, in order for your transaction to remain tax-deferred, is that you cannot have a money difference from the transaction. You can swap a ranch for an apartment building, if this is your cup of tea, and you can turn into a rental investor. Rental investors are notorious for a perfect work-life balance and if you are searching for such opportunities, the Delaware Statutory Trust offers you the means. However, it would be advisable to discuss with a dedicated agency to guide you through the process.

Turn photography into a business

If you love taking pictures, and you own a decent camera as well, you could try to make a business out of this. There are plenty of occasions in which the services of a photographer are necessary, and this type of business also offers you a decent amount of spare time. Nevertheless, you should consider investing gradually in tools, as you become more and more skilled, and as you gain a vaster client portfolio. You can collaborate with cooks, restaurants, bakers, work as a wedding photographer, as these industries are demanding the services of a skilled photographer.

Blogging will help you make a comfortable living

Our lives have moved in the online, and as a result, blogging is nowadays seen as a full-time, serious job. Pick a topic that you love: travel, beauty or lifestyle, and create relevant content for it. Invest in SEO campaigns, collaborate with big names in various industries. This will get you plenty of sponsors, anxious to collaborate with you. It may not seem like a real job, at first, but this is, in fact, a great opportunity if you want to share your experiences with others.

Web developer, another job with a great work-life balance

You don’t have to work for a big corporation, in order to have a decent living when you have web development skills. In fact, working for a corporation will only make your schedule busier and less pleasant. In order to gain a great work-life balance, you can start a freelancing career, pick your own projects and make a good living out of it as well.