Gears of War 3 Action Figure 2-Pack – Marcus vs. Locust Grunt

The inspiration to create a series of highly detailed figures came from the success of the Gears of War video game. The toy figures are based upon characters and enemies from the popular video game and they are very appreciated and loved by children aged six and up. The Gears of War 3 Action Figure 2-Pack features characters from Gears of War 2 video game. The 2-Pack features Marcus Fenix in duel with the monstrous Locust Grunt. The figures have exclusive designs, and a better articulation was added to give them a more life-like appearance. Therefore, children will love to play with Marcus and its enemy Locust. The action figure set contains Marcus Fenix, a war hero that now fights for survival and the monstrous Locust that emerged from the underground with devastating results. Marcus figure is all-new sculpt and high-detailed all around. Its head can rotate, arms go in and out, hands rotate, the upper-chest is articulated, legs move forward and backward. Entirely there are more than 30 points of articulation. In addition, the Marcus action figure comes with a standard retro lancer and also with an extra weapon – a flaming lancer in a nice flame deco – that children can peg into the back of the toy figure like all the guns that are not in use. Furthermore, Locust Grunt figure is nice detailed, with new head sculpt. The articulation is better, its head rotates, arms rotate, knees bend and more. As for accessories, Locust is armed with the standard hammerburst assault rifle that it can hold and also comes with a lancer flaming hummerburst – like the other guns they can peg into the back of the figures. Overall, the Gears of War 3 Action Figure 2-Pack – Marcus vs. Locust Grunt is a great figure set to add to the collection. This 2-Pack – Marcus vs. Locust Grunt can be purchased for a price of $29.99.