Gas Grills Vs. Charcoal Grills

During the hot summer days, nothing is more pleasant than having to spend your free time outside, near a pool, having a barbecue party with your friends and family. When it comes to choosing the best barbecue, note that there are two popular types: the gas grill and charcoal grill. In this next article you’ll find out which one could suit your needs better.

The barbecue charcoal is for lovers of authentic flavors

The charcoal grill is ideal for lovers of the smokey taste that’s so characteristic to barbecuing. Regarding quality, it has a significant edge over its gas counterpart. It also requires simple maintenance. Within minutes you can clean the grate and empty the ash. Finally, you can find inexpensive models that will give you the same cooking experience as more expensive models give you. However, expensive models that are made of high-quality materials will definitely last for a longer period of time. The charcoal grill still has some disadvantages. First, it is very difficult to handle. Operating a grill is not always easy, especially if it has taken a little moisture; it takes some time to be operational again. It tends to catch fire when grease drops on the charcoal and can blacken your facade permanently if there are strong winds. Finally it is not always recommended to do a second round if you don’t have enough wood or charcoal in the first place.

The gas barbecue, an ideal device for busy people

The gas grill is the perfect answer to all the disadvantages of a barbecue charcoal. It is ready in seconds, it emits no soot (mass of impure carbon particles) and it can be adjusted to an optimal level of temperature. Moreover, the top gas grills allow you to cook the food in an even manner so that the food doesn’t burn and it stays moist and juicy. It would be the perfect device if it did not have some drawbacks. First, it’s all about taste. Even the top gas grills can’t deliver the characteristic smoky flavored food of the charcoal grill. In terms of cleaning, a gas grill requires a more accurate maintenance. Finally, gas barbecues are generally bulky and a lot more expensive than charcoal barbecues.

Consider the size of your grill

Choosing your barbecue must be done depending on the space you have available and where you want to store it. In your garden, on a balcony or terrace (careful if you plan to enjoy a barbecue on your balcony, you’d better opt for an electric grill). The number of guests and homemakers should also allow you to determine the size of the grill you are planning to choose.

How often do you use the grill

If you use the grill only once in a while, it may not be worth investing in a sophisticated and expensive equipment. Opt instead for the basic charcoal grill, which is also very inexpensive. If you tend to host many parties with friends, consider opting for a more sophisticated gas grill.