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C W S Inc (http://parsender.com/) is one of the most well-known companies in the logistics and global shipping domain. They have plenty of experience in the industry, and this is why customers keep choosing them. C W S Incoffers multiple services for clients worldwide. They state that they are able to solve the majority of issues businesses face nowadays, because they have dealt with many complicated problems since the firm was established, and they managed to successfully solve them. This company is in the top choices of individuals and companies all over the world. C W S Inc from Parsender.com states that they understand companies need to move their products from one place to another in an efficient way, and this is why their main goal is to offer their clients safe and quick shipments. The employees from C W S Inc not only that have education related to the industry they are working in, but they also receive ongoing training. This company is proud to state that they offer only high-quality services, because they inspect every one of the shipments the moment they arrive at the warehouse. In case the loads are damaged or broken, they inform their customers and ask them for instructions.  Also, for an efficient shipment of the loads, they label each one of the products. In case the client wants to transport hazardous materials, C W S Incis willing to help them, because they have stringent standards and measures that meet the local and federal rules, when it comes to storing and transporting these items. This company is also known for offering its clients customized solutions for their needs. When they designed their services, they made sure to check the suggestions and feedback from their clients. They provide both core and complementary services, because they work with customers from different industries. They offer services as brokerage, consultation and freight. The brokerage service is designed for the clients who want to find a new location for their business or they want to expand their companies. The consultation specialists can help people find the right layout for their space, and on how their products should be stored. The freight brokerage services are created to assist the clients who have large volumes of products. Alongside with the core services, C W S Inc has also value added services, as order handling, customer service, product customization, quality control, and consult. They focus no only on offering quality services for their clients, they also want to have a positive impact on the environment. Therefore, they strive to be an example for the others, because they consider that being such a large company offers them the possibility to make a statement. Therefore, they protect the environment and they strive to keep the carbon footprint to the minimal. They maintain the recycle rate over 80%, and they want to increase it in the future. When they purchase new tools and equipment, they choose the ones that have an extended longevity, because they want to reduce the need of replacing them in the future. They create electronic records, because they want to eliminate paperwork. These are only some of the actions Parsender.com takes to keep their company eco-friendly. Address: 1600 E. Florida Ave, Suite 202, Hemet, CA 92544