Fashion lovers, here is experts’ advice on buying second hand clothes

Ask any woman and she will tell you the same thing: she never has enough clothes to wear, because there is always room for more in their wardrobe. However, spending too much money on clothes on a monthly basis may not be the wisest idea one can have, even if those clothes come at great discounts. This is where second hand clothes come in to save the day, or this is what experts claim. Here are some great and useful pieces of advice that experts have for every fashion lover that is always looking for something new to add to their wardrobe.

There is wholesale and there is retail – choose wisely

There are two options when it comes to second hand clothes. You can either buy haine second hand en gros, or you can opt for purchasing them in smaller quantity. In the former case, you have the advantage that no matter what pieces of clothing you come across, even if they are not in the best shape, you can adjust them the way you want and turn them into some beautiful creations. However, retail purchases are a better solution in case you are interested in a specific type of clothing item, such as a fashionable dress or a vintage coat for instance.

Keep an eye on the sale days

If you are buying your clothes from a local store, make sure you learn when their sale days are. During those days, the prices drop a lot and you have the chance to find the same skirt or blouse you saw a couple of days ago at a much lower price now. Buying second hand clothes with a generous discount – music to a fashion lover’s ears.

Buy clothes from online stores

Many owners of second hand clothing stores have understood the great influence the Internet has on people nowadays, which is why many of them decided to take their businesses to the next level and promote their services and products in the online world too. For fashion lovers who have a very busy schedule, this is extremely helpful, experts say, because people can order their favourite second hand clothes online. Not only they save money on buying clothing items from thrift stores, but they also save time by purchasing them online.

Don’t fall for those thrift clothes myths!

Experts in the fashion industry agree that there are countless misconceptions related to thrift clothes and probably the most popular one is that second hand clothes are torn and of poor quality, which is not true. In some cases, you can find clothing items that are of better quality than the ones you can find in regular clothing stores. Also, when it comes to online purchases, many people are afraid that the clothes they are buying won’t fit their sizes. Well, there is a size guide available on each clothing site, be it one that sells new clothes or second hand ones, so that people can consult it and determine exactly if those items fit their sizes or not. Experts do recommend every fashion lover to consider purchasing second hand clothes.