Far Cry 3

If you are passionate about computer games and you are currently seeking the sites for a game that can keep you captivated all throughout its adventures and storyline, stick close and read more about the recommendation we have for you. So, the game we want to present you is called Far Cry 3 and it is the sequel to Far Cry 2. The first thing you should hear about this game is that it falls into the categories of open-world, action-adventure and first-person shooter games. Unlike other action games that you can find around, Far Cry 3 is considered to be quite a fresh release, being introduced to the public on December 4, 2012 in America and on November 30, in Europe. However, this action-adventure game will surely have success for this year, mostly for the unique experience it offers to players and the attractive graphics it has. The story is quite an excellent one which involves the player in hunting wild animals, shooting enemies, races and even survival lessons. Anyway, an important aspect we need to mention is that this game offers a single player experience. So, if you are eager to hear more about the storyline of this game, read on the following lines. The action of this game is built around the story of Jason Brody, who fights to rescue his brother and his friends from the pirates that took them prisoners and want to sell them into slavery. Actually, Jason, who is the protagonist of the game, is the only one escaping captivity and reaching the tropical island, being located somewhere close to the Malay Archipelago. Here, he meets the island inhabitants, called Rakyat, who also live in fear of being attacked by pirates. His principal enemy is Vaas, the lord pirate that ordered the attack against his friends. In his desire for revenge, Jason turns into a feared warrior, whose potential is acknowledged by the islanders who introduce him to their leader, Citra, who also initiates him into the tribe. The protagonist is given several missions that he successfully accomplishes, despite the fact that he transforms into a killer as well. He kills Vaas and Hoyt Volker, a slave trader who has also been involved in the kidnapping of his friends. Eventually, Jason is given the alternative to choose between joining Citra, who is in love with him, and killing his friends, in order to stay with the woman on the island, or saving his friends and leaving the island. The player will surely have to make up his mind over these alternatives, when playing Far Cry 3.